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  1. Fillabong

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    Orwell\'s 1984

    I'm about threequarters though 1984 and it's brilliant. Please read it if you have yet done so.
  2. DreamLandMafia

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    Yes its a great book, very thought provoking about a bleak future.

    The movie quite sucked tho.
  3. overrocked

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    Read America 2014- modern day variation

    Editorial Reviews, December 9, 2004
    Destined to become an underground classic. We couldn't put this book down. It is just too close to the truth.

    Product Description:
    Picture a totalitarian United States just ten years from now: With no end in sight to the War on Terror, a fourth-term President George Blush rules without restraint. The Constitution has been replaced with a "Patriotic Citizen’s Bill of Rights and Responsibilities" and America has been renamed "God’s United States." The Blush Administration has finally "freed" America of its "treasonous" opposition party, "subversive" media and "obstructionist" judges.
    In this starkly terrifying political thriller, Winston Smith is a young, successful producer of patriotic commercials for the Department of Homeland Security. While working to fulfill his dream of making a contemporary film version of 1984, he runs afoul of government censors, is forced to stand trial in a nightmarish courtroom, and faces brutal execution in a privatized prison. Rescued by a mysterious, powerful young woman and a band of teenaged computer hackers, he joins the Resistance and becomes swept up in a deadly struggle to undermine his government’s stranglehold on power and information.

    As it conjures up a frightening--and highly controversial--vision of the future, Dawn Blair's gripping novel of American dystopia lays bare the most incendiary political issues of the present day.
  4. _Angel_1991

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    1984 was indeed a brilliant book. Scary, though when you realize that death can come in many forms... and not all involve losing your life.
  5. Young William

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    So unsure We reach for something strong.
    So unfair we run from something strong.
  6. Fillabong

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    good call. I finished a few hours ago
  7. infinite

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    to be honest, ive always talked about the book and big brother, but i have never read it myself. I have been meaning to for a long time, i keep putting it off when i visit the local bookshop.
  8. Pookey

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    I just read it a few months ago, it was very well written. I'd recommend it anyone.
  9. parrhesia

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    It's a fantastic piece of writing. I've read it a few times and each time, as with most books, I notice different things. Keep reading :up:
  10. d3ads0ul

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    this is my first post. 1984 is an incredible, yet scary book. I would also recomend trying "A brave new world"
  11. bodebliss

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    We still might get our "1984" and what might prompt it is a wayward Cessna causes a mass panic. The gov't panics, the capitol goes into lock-down, and machine-gun toting Republicans take to the street supposedly for our own good.

    I know your thinking I'm crazy, but it could happen.
  12. dragonsdemesne

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    1984 is a good book, definitely worth reading. I had been meaning to read it for a long time, but never got around to it. Then, a history prof forced me to read it by assigning a paper comparing 1984 to communist China. 1984 is an excellent read, and isn't very long, maybe 250-300 pages, so if you haven't read it, do so.

    Incidentally, according to that prof, 1984 is the best selling novel written in the 20th century, so that should say something for it.
  13. Cider

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    "Nineteen Eighty-Four" ought to be compulsory reading in my opinion. It is as relevant today as ever.

    The most chilling aspect of the novel is the way in which the people are controlled so unwittingly - although there is a violent undercurrent, most of the methods emloyed by the party to keep people in line are deeply subversive and psychological. It makes you wonder whether if such methods were to be used by a current government, if the majority of people would even notice...
  14. pieman

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  15. marcus

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    I read this recently for the first time in years and it not only remains relevent but seems to be more relevent than ever.A similar thing struck me pieman,the idea of the perpetual war which neither side can win or lose is indeed very similar to the War On Terror and the reasoning behind it in 1984 may be equally so.

    War Is Peace