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Discussion in 'Puzzles & Games' started by AD5673, Dec 24, 2004.

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    these are good...i cant get the eskimo one, i see the indian but not the eskimo
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    Interesting one you got there. The first one above was my first encounter with optical illusion. Back in elementary school I had no idea what optical illusion was and my teacher present one of that to our class. Some saw the face of the old woman and some saw the 3/4 view of a young lady. I happened to spot the 3/4 view of the young lady. It took me a while to realize that there's a face of an old woman.

    Isn't it interesting that not everyone see what you see but it's there.
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    AD5673, for the eskimo, try looking as if the man is peering into a cave(his back towards you). Can you see him now?

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    still cant see it :( lol
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    Where is the young girl?
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    i see it, it's when u look head on at the young girl one. what's the first one? did anyone see what that one was besides the lady? it looks like she has antlers.
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    ITis a lady with a feathery hat and an old hag, the ladys chin becomes the hags nose
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    The eskimo's left arm is the Indian's nose and his right arm is the Indian's nose. He is facing away from you, so the Indian's forehead is the back of th eeskimo's head. (He is wearing a big parka thing.)
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    xu that is teh craziest thing ive ever seen, i thought someone was moving it underneath the table at first. lmao crazy
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    Glad you brought this thread up again..I might have missed that dragon illusion.
    Pretty cool..
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    Ah there was a Korean show that showed that too. It is cool.
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    Can you find the baby?

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    Where is the frog?

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    At first couldn't see anything else in the first one but now I can't see past the old woman.
    The one with the baby is cool,I was only able to see the frog's head at first but can see it now.
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    Old man or kissing couple?
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    I only see the old men.
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    #1: I can see an old woman and a young woman, but the young woman is more detailed
    #2: I can see the eskimo and the Idian, but the eskimo is more detailed.
    #3: I can see the musician and the girl's face, but the girl's face is more detailed.
    #4: Scroll the page up and down, and this one spins around
    #5 (xu's link): I've seen that before. It's very cool! I didn't get that one the first time!
    #6: Yes, I can see the baby, he takes shape with the branches, feet=upper base of tree
    #7: Horse, turn the picture sideways, you see a frog.
    #8: Pretty easy, turn it upside down! You will see a beautiful woman with a crown. Also comes with a funny joke.
    #9: The couple is very hard to see! They are holding hands and kissing, I can see the old man, the obvious part.

    Wow! I'm good at this game! :D