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Discussion in 'ID Members Lounge' started by Zsandmann, Oct 21, 2004.

  1. Zsandmann

    Zsandmann Premium Member

    OK folks the admin and mods have been having a little discussion. We really want to PRODUCE a full fledged research project AND paper! This will mean developing a unique hypothesis, collecting data, online AND off, and compiling them into a coherent paper in the standard scientific journal format. ID will compile said paper into a PDF and electronically submit it to a journal in the field of research. All project members will be cited, and team leader will get top citation, while will be active in developing the paper and getting it published we will not steal your credit.

    If you reply to this thread, please no chatting. This should be reply format:

    Member name:
    Do you wish to be team leader? Yes or No
    Research Idea:
    Possible Team Members:
    Short Project Summary:

    I am a geophysicist in a US university, I have access to libararies of scientific journals, papers, books, etc. I also have contacts at many journals to help submit papers.

    Z Out

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  2. JcMinJapan

    JcMinJapan Premium Member

    Member name: JCMinJapan

    Do you wish to be team leader? Yes

    Research Idea: Time Travel

    Possible Team Members: Hoytroid, Amantine, IceWolf, Mizar

    Short Project Summary: We will be covering the the full gambit of Time Travel. I am just writing this up now and will make an official summary soon. We will be covering all of the ideas and concepts that are currently floating around the scientific community. There are a few professors that are working on actual devices and we will study these devices and the math behind them in great detail. We will cover both sides of the time travel issue... The for and the against. We may also touch on the implications (moral, ethical) of time travel as well. This may also lead into theories on alternate dimensions and the like. I am hoping to take a plethora of scientific study, put it all together, analyze it, then present the results in an easy to understand paper for the average citizen. There will also be a section for the scientific community with more of the numbers and calculations as well. This is just my overall plan for now.

    Starting Date: approx. 20 November 2004

    If anyone is interested in a serious research, please contact me. Like I mentioned, this will be a very serious research and we will have alot to go through. I am expecting this research to run 6 months to 1 year if all goes rapidly. We will have alot to go through and will have to understand the math and science behind it all to make an effective paper. So, if you can dedicate yourself for that long and also want to learn about this topic in great detail, then please U2U me. If you cannot dedicate yourself to at least 3-4 hours a week in serious study and research, then you are invited to follow along and contribute if you have any thoughts or ideas, but please do not sign up for the project. We will have alot to do and will need to create responsibilities for each member and you will be relied on to get the information out. So, I cannot stress it enough that only if you are commited to please join.

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  3. amantine

    amantine Premium Member

    Research idea: Black holes

    Member name: amantine

    Do you wish to be team-leader: Yes

    Other possible members of the team: JCMinJapan, IceWolf ....

    Summary: I proposed this in another thread about getting more traffic to the site. Most people find black holes are interesting and I think they would make a good research project. I would like to make this project a bit more advanced than most explanations for the layman. I think we should at least discuss the following subtopics:

    • The birth and life of a black hole (includes discussing different types, e.g. primodial, super-massive)
    • The classical mathematics of black holes (general relativity)*
    • The causal structure of black holes (Penrose diagrams)*
    • Hawking radiation and the death of a black hole
    • Information, entropy and black holes
    • Black holes in string theory (fuzzy black holes)
    • Wormholes
    • Cosmic natural selection
    • Detecting black holes

    The *'s mean that I have very good information about those subtopics. I'm also writing a school project about general relativity and the books I use for that also describe black holes. We also have access to Arxiv, which contains a lot of information about these subjects. It shouldn't be to difficult to find a few review articles.

    The aim for the project would be about 3-5 pages per subtopic, so 7*4+4 (for introduction, contents, bibliography, etc.) = 32 pages. I don't have the time to write all that myself, but I can probably do about 15 pages.

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    Added members interested in project

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  4. Mizar

    Mizar Premium Member

    i would be more than happy to help with research. but can i ask does the research need to be something new or can it be a re do of some research done beforeexcept not on a jr high science fair level but on a college level.

    or if it is something toatly new i would be more than happy to help

    And Jc id be more than happy to aid in your time travel research
  5. JcMinJapan

    JcMinJapan Premium Member

    It can be something already done. No problemo. Being that we have o research now, anything is not a problem. :lol: Well, except for redesigning ID... ha ha ha
  6. JcMinJapan

    JcMinJapan Premium Member

    Amantine and I have talked. We are both interested in Time Travel and Black Hole Research alot. Amantine was very nice and offered to wait till after the Time Travel research to do Black Holes so we can focus and create a great paper for each. So, the black Hole Research is still on the stove, but it is simmering in the pot on the back. Right now we are concentrating on the fry pan that is burning hot with TIME TRAVEL now....

    Thanks amantine!
  7. Waxy cheesecake

    Waxy cheesecake Premium Member

    Member name:Waxy cheesecake

    Do you wish too be a team leader:No

    other possible team members:whoever is interested.

    Summary: Perhaps we could start a project on lifters. lifters are triangular devices, usually made of blasa wood, tin foil and wire. When these devices are charged with 20-60Kv it will lift into the air. There is alot of controversy over these things. Many people think they are antigravity, and there are also people who think that these are simply devices that pull air through the gap in the triangle, suspending it in midair. I have heard convincing arguments on both sides. It is my proposal that we build, and test it. For more info, visit .
    EDIT:added link.

    P.S. I'm all tied up with school so I can't really contribute to this until summer break shows up. (26 days and counting.) I can only hope that other people get involved in this project so it doesn't die.

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  8. Zsandmann

    Zsandmann Premium Member

    Hmmm electricity, Magnetics, and physics. Im in Waxy! I am hardly able to devote the time to be team leader however, perhaps OddTodd or Junior_Smith may like to be leader since they both seem to have all kinds of science apparatuses and such around their homes.
  9. Waxy cheesecake

    Waxy cheesecake Premium Member

    Glad to have you on the team, Zsandmann. Also glad that I'm not the only one interested in this.:lol:
  10. JcMinJapan

    JcMinJapan Premium Member

    I am very interested in this as well. I may be able to help a bit. I will be doing the Time Travel bit seriously though, so will not have too much time, but this is a fascinating topic.
  11. PtballDan

    PtballDan New Member

    member name: PtballDan

    Do you wish to be a team leader?: Yes

    Research Idea: To find where the Lost German treasury of WW2 might be (many locations)

    Possible Team members: anyone with an obsessive interest in WW2 Gold and lost treasury.

    Short Project Summary: Objective is to find out how much of the treasury went missing after WW2, how much was recovered, where some of it went, where, and who took it.
  12. Iggy

    Iggy Premium Member

    Member name: No1nptkulr
    Do you wish to be team leader? No
    Research Idea: None
    Possible team members: N/A

    Time travel, black holes, and lifters are all something I have been interested in for a long time. Would you mind if I sat in for a while?
  13. JcMinJapan

    JcMinJapan Premium Member


    You are more than welcome to sit in on the research. It is probably best to pick just one as it is easier to concentrate. I would suggest Black Holes as it has been going slow. We need a boost.... :D After Black Holes has finished, we will go in full motion with Time Travel. Too many things and too little time..... :D

    PtballDan: This sounds like a neat project, if anyone is interested in this, please let PtballDan know by U2U, so a team can be started. Remember, facts only.. no conspiracy side to it. If it will delve into conspiracy issues, this may be a good research for ATS. PtballDan it is you call on which site is best.
  14. mscbkc070904

    mscbkc070904 Premium Member

    Member name: mscbkc070904
    Do you wish to be team leader? NO
    Research Idea: N/A
    Possible team members: N/A

    I would like to help out if at all possible. Just give me a area to work on and I will see what I can dig up and put into a collabration. Please do tell me what has been worked on or where the project is at the current time. I dont want to duplicate any effort already accomplished. Also to spin me up on what has been going on with whatever project I am assigned, so I can read up on it and explore other options to assist in the research. Please forward that info to my email acct [email protected] Thanks look forward to hearing from you. If the stuff you have is weblinked, just provide the links U2U. Hope I can help out.

  15. JcMinJapan

    JcMinJapan Premium Member

    mscbkc070904, the big question is... What is more intruiging for you? Black Holes or Lifters...... you can find them both here..

    Then just U2U the correct person. I have been busy at work so the Blck Hole project has been a bit slow. I am not too sure of the status of the lifters project. Jsut read up and which ever tickles your fancy, let us know.. :D
  16. oortpower

    oortpower Member

    Member name: oortpower
    Do you wish to be team leader? Yes
    Research Idea: Paranormal capabilities of human brains
    Possible Team Members: Nobody in particular

    A serious research in paranormal things that the human brain can supposedly do would probably be fascinating to research and a lot of experiments could be done at a low cost to researchers. It would be nice to approach this issue from a purly scientific view. So open minded people on both sides of the argument would be excellent.
  17. tablet

    tablet Premium Member

    Research Idea: Solar Reference
    Size: Medium
    Type: Astronomy

    Member name: Tablet

    Leader: Yes
    Second Leader: N/A (possiblity Mizar?)
    Team members: N/A

    Objective: To promote ID and make learning about planets/moon more convenient.

    Short Project Summary: This is a medium project that will not interfer with Blackhole or Time travel research. I believe we can get this one done because we're not researching on "new idea" but gathering facts that already exist and compile it into one image (one for each planet/moon). A one stop for reference on any specific planets/moons. And perhaps asteroid if we have more time. Here's a sample I did the other day, this is the blueprint of how it will look once finished. The fnished product will be BIG which allows you to print if you choose to. We will be focusing on all planets/moons.

    Schedule: anytime you're interest in it, let me know.

    NOTE: I'm leaving it here to build momentum/interest. We can do this in 3 or 4 years or anytime you like.

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  18. Icewolf

    Icewolf Premium Member

    Member Name - Icewolf
    Size - Long
    Team Leader - Yes

    Idea - Formation of the Universe using the Big Bang Theory
    Possible Team Members - Tablet

    Summary - From nothingness to infinity, how exactly could this happen? Hopefully answer these questions. I hope to have all the physics of it and maybe show how it is possible for the creation of astronomical phenomena.

    Hopefully the team will make numerous resource sheets in PDF format with our information put simply for any member of the public to view in an ordered layout
  19. Gravare

    Gravare Premium Member

    Member name:Gravare
    Do you wish to be team leader? NO
    Research Idea: N/A
    Possible team members: N/A

    If anyone needs an extra hand on a project, I'd be more than happy to help with, like, research or something.
    U2U me.
  20. nivisfloris

    nivisfloris New Member

    Member name:nivisfloris
    Do you wish to be team leader? not rally but i could be
    Research Idea:do people really have more than 5 sences
    Possible Team Members:who ever wants to