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Discussion in 'Literature & The Arts' started by Icewolf, Feb 2, 2005.

  1. Icewolf

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    Is there such a site that has "nearly every" book written, like an online library where I could download books for "FREE"?
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    Many books are not posted online because it would really hurt it's paper book sales. If you really need to find a book (that is written in the US) you could try and see if the Library of Congress has anything online.

    The Library has two copies of everything copyrighted in the US. I have a book sitting next to me right now which has in it's fine print "Library of Congress Control Number: 2004101961"

    Good luck

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    I didnt know the Library of Congress did that. Great info Pineapple, I will have to look into that, hence I am trying to find some books for my collection that I can not find online or thru any book stores, cause they were like 1 time prints ages ago.

    If you do happen to have the link please do send it to me U2U.
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    there has been stuff in the news recently regarding google's attempt to put every book EVER published on line

    hmmm...big task... imagine there would be a few legal wrangles too
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    Thanks Oddtodd, just added those to my fav list. Appreciate the links.
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