Archaeology Old Chinese camp unearthed in N.Z.

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    WELLINGTON, March 28 (Xinhuanet) -- An archaeological dig in Lawrence, a small town on the South Island of New Zealand, has unearthed an old Chinese camp and found a number of historical treasures, local media reported Monday.

    A archaeologists team is working on a remote Otago paddock which was once New Zealand's largest Chinese camp. The site was the gateway to the Otago gold fields, the team said.

    Thousands of Chinese people went overseas to Otago as gold field labors in 1860s, start of the Chinese immigration to New Zealand.

    Archaeologists said they had spent more than a week at the historic site and were thrilled with their findings. They had gone across what looks like a really well formed cobbled pathway, with carefully laid stones.

    Archaeologists from Otago University and Historic Places Trust started work on the historic Chinese Camp in mid March.

    "We've found so far that none of the area of this site that we've been working on has been ploughed and it's completely intact, so we're really pleased with that," said Archaeologist Chris Jacomb.

    The Lawrence Chinese Camp Trust, led by Dr Jim Ng of Dunedin, has now plans to restore this big site and create a major visitor destination, including a hotel, on the site.

    Ng said that Chinese camp, as the gateway to the Central Otago gold fields, attracted top merchants, interpreters and doctors and had the only two Joss Houses in Otago.

    "It will give more information about the history of Chinese camp as well as New Zealand with the continuation of works on the site," said NG.

    He said the archaeological works will turn the site into a world class attraction, so that everyone could visit here and learn a piece of New Zealand history.

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    Bloody interesting. I will have to pass this onto my Chinese Civilisation lecturer, if he hasn't seen it already.

    This is didn't get any press here.