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    Because of the drama that unfolded from the time the murders happened, until the not guilty verdict, a bar has been set in the convoluted justice system of today. It has now been proven that a person with enough money can take the life of another, or multiple others, as brutally as they wish, and yet walk free. Granted, he lost most of his money during the trial, and the civil suit against him after the criminal one, but still, a celebrity can always make a comeback and earn more during that time than we could in our lifetime. Please discuss.

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    You speak the truth. Justice is not applicable to the rich. And OJ is simply another member of the rich and shameless to avoid justice.

    Robert Durst not only shot, dismembered and hid the body of Morris Black, but jumped bail and became a fugitive. And it wasn't the first person in Durst's life to disappear. In 1982 Durst's wife Kathleen also went missing. She had told friends that if anything ever happened to her to point police in the direction of Durst. Her body has never been found.

    And just when you thought you had heard it all - another friend of Durst, Susan Berman, who had acted as spokeman for him when his wife disappeared, was found shot to death in her home. It has been speculated that Durst confessed his part in his wife's disappearance to Ms. Berman and then sought to silence her after she began demanding money from him.

    While everyone should be afforded the opportunity to launch the best legal defense possible - how are these men still not ultimately convicted? When did truth become secondary to technicalities or smear tactics?

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    This would be a great discussion on the legal issues of the OJ trial. This is not really a conspiracy site, but it would be neat to see your assesments of the Trial from the transcripts and the like and add in what you feel. Great start to this board!
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    I'm not able to comment on the US justice system, so here's some sayings common in New South Wales [Oz] for you.

    1. You get the justice you can afford.
    2. We have the best police that money can buy.
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    And some ppl say that the world DOESNT revovle around money...