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    Research Idea: Time Travel

    Short Project Summary: We will be covering the the full gambit of Time Travel. I am just writing this up now and will make an official summary soon. We will be covering all of the ideas and concepts that are currently floating around the scientific community. There are a few professors that are working on actual devices and we will study these devices and the math behind them in great detail. We will cover both sides of the time travel issue... The for and the against. We may also touch on the implications (moral, ethical) of time travel as well. This may also lead into theories on alternate dimensions and the like. I am hoping to take a plethora of scientific study, put it all together, analyze it, then present the results in an easy to understand paper for the average citizen. There will also be a section for the scientific community with more of the numbers and calculations as well. This is just my overall plan for now.

    Starting Date: approx. 20 November 2004

    If anyone is interested in a serious research, please contact me. Like I mentioned, this will be a very serious research and we will have alot to go through. I am expecting this research to run 6 months to 1 year if all goes rapidly. We will have alot to go through and will have to understand the math and science behind it all to make an effective paper. So, if you can dedicate yourself for that long and also want to learn about this topic in great detail, then please U2U me. If you cannot dedicate yourself to at least 3-4 hours a week in serious study and research, then you are invited to follow along and contribute if you have any thoughts or ideas, but please do not sign up for the project. We will have alot to do and will need to create responsibilities for each member and you will be relied on to get the information out. So, I cannot stress it enough that only if you are commited to please join.
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    As mentioned, we will be starting on the 20th. We need to start defining the subjects in which to research. I will add my thoughts here and please add yours as well. **This is only for researchers** **No chit chat in here** There will be another thread for the general use and public chat. :D
    I will edit this for the ones added below to keep it all on this top post.

    Research Scientists that we need to understand:
    Kip Thorne
    Michio Kaku
    Amos Ori
    Huw Price
    Igor Novikov
    Ronald Mallett

    Subjects needing to be covered:

    Time Travel Paradox - Concepts & Examples
    Time travel & General Relativity
    Time Travel & Quantum Physics
    Particle and Field Theory

    This is only the tip and just a bit of the stuff needed. Please add more and I will add more later after I finish work
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    My favourite example of time travel is einsteins. The twin paradox, one twin leaves the earth in a rocket and goes at an incredibly high speed. Because time slows down the faster you go due to time dilation when the twin returns he finds his brother has aged incredibly while he is still a young man. Although this is one way, this is the only time travel i understand without any real research. thought it would be good to get us started.
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    Kip Thorne -
    There are alot of great lectures here.

    Michio Kaku -

    Huw Price -
    His online publications are here:

    Davil Miller -

    Rod Sutherland -

    Stephen Hawkings -

    All the above are wonderful websites to read. Many deal with Time and Black Holes..... The current and future Project! Read now.... Yiou will not regret it! :pbjtime:
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    Just a reminder that the project is starting this Saturday. Get your thinking caps dusted off. :D
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    Can the people interested in this project please sign up for which areas that you would like to assist with?

    Thanks alot. It will start on the 20th, so please plan now.

    I will take the study of Dr. Mallet first, as he is my inspiration for this.
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    Haven't done any research yet but I just wanted to tell you this: I think time travel is impossible because time is just an illusion. You are not moving through anything so how can you reach a destination. There is another thing though. A few years back a guy appeared out of nowhere and wasn't on any government records. He posted pictures of his"time machine" around the web and claimed he was from the year 2039 or something. I have a picture of it on my pc but I don't know how to post it. If someone tells me I'll show you all and you can tell me what you think thanks
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    Re: Time Travel Research???

    To Whom It May And/Or May Not Concern,

    I had offered to Par-Take, Join, Assist, in your Venture into the 'Multi-Dimensional Time Travel Research Project' to no-avail.

    Are you and/or are you not interested in my noted years of Research and Knowledge based upon this particular suject.

    "Or would you rather play a nice game of Chess???"

    Ora pro nobis, C.T.R.,
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    Well, you know, this is a thread that died almost 4 years ago.

    Having interests in this myself, as well as intriguedby your suggested knowledge in this subject in particular, I would welcome a new refreshing thread started on this subject matter, or the assemblage of a group that has similar interests and/or knowledge.

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    Why not picking up where you guys left off in this thread: [PUBLIC USE] Time Travel Research?

    This thread died way too fast because it was restricted to a few "Researchers," I think way more productive ideas came from the community in the Public Use thread.

    Personally, I think that the subject is fascinating, I would like to contribute as well.
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    I agree, lets see what can become of this again since I missed out in the beginning of this thread.

    I have read about 4 books on Mr. Kaku (even tried to score an interview with this busy man) and would be interested to re-read (been a while... ;) ) learn more where his theories have taken us in the current knowledge of these impossible physics plaguing our cultures.

    FireSkyPilot, I am very interested in your Researches of said subject. :yes:
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