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    Did you ever wonder what the official language of a country was? Well, I have answered that here. :D

    Afghanistan: Dari, Pushtu
    Albania: Albanian
    Algeria: Arabic; Other languages Berber and French
    Andorra: Catalan; Other languages French, Spanish
    Angola: Portuguese
    Anguilla: English
    Antigua and Barbuda: English
    Argentina: Spanish
    Armenia: Armenian
    Aruba: See Netherlands
    Australia: English; Other languages aboriginal languages
    Austria: German
    Azores: Portuguese
    Bahamas: English
    Bahrain: Arabic
    Bangladesh: Bengali; Other language English
    Barbados: English
    Belarus: Belarussian, Russian
    Belgium: Dutch, French (depending on part of country); Other languages Flemish and in border areas, some German
    Belize: English
    Benin: French
    Bermuda: English
    Bolivia: Spanish; Other languages Aymara and Quechua
    Bosnia Bosnian
    Botswana: English; Other languages Setswana
    Brazil: Portuguese
    British Virgin Islands: English
    Brunei, Sultanate of: English; Other language Malay
    Bulgaria: Bulgarian
    Burkina Faso: French
    Burma – Burmese
    Burundi, Republic of: French; Other languages Kiswahili, Kirundi
    Cameroon: French, English; Other languages Fang, Peul
    Canada: English, French
    Cape Verde Islands: Portuguese; Other languages French, English
    Cayman Islands: English
    Central African Rep: French; Other language Sango
    Chad: French; Other language Arabic
    Chile: Spanish
    China (P.R.): Mandarin, Cantonese
    Colombia: Spanish
    Congo: French
    Costa Rica: Spanish
    Croatia: Croatian
    Cuba: Spanish
    Cyprus: Greek; Other language Turkish in Northern Cyprus
    Czech Republic: Czech
    Denmark: Danish
    Dominica English
    Dominican Republic: Spanish
    Ecuador: Spanish
    Egypt: Arabic; Other language Noub
    El Salvador: Spanish
    Eritrea Arabic; Other languages English and other at least 9 regional languages
    Estonia Estonian
    Ethiopia: Amharic; Other language English
    Faroe Islands: Danish, Faroese
    Fiji: English
    Finland: Finnish, Swedish
    France: French
    Gabon: French
    Gambia: English
    Germany: German
    Ghana: English
    Gibraltar: English
    Greece: Greek
    Greenland: Danish; Other language Eskimo
    Grenada: English
    Guadeloupe: French
    Guam: English
    Guatemala: Spanish; Other language Mayan
    Guyana: English
    Haiti: French, Creole
    Honduras: Spanish
    Hong Kong: – English, Mandarin; Other language, Cantonese
    Hungary: Hungarian
    Iceland: Icelandic
    India: (16 major languages, including English, Hindi, Punjabi, Urdu, Bengali, Gujarati, Kashmiri, Tamil, Sindhi and Napali)
    Indonesia: Indonesian
    Iran: Farsi
    Iraq: Arabic
    Ireland: – Irish, English
    Israel: Hebrew; Other language Arabic
    Italy: Italian; Other language German spoken in South Tirol
    Ivory Coast: French
    Jamaica: English
    Japan: Japanese
    Jordan: Arabic
    Kazakhstan: – Kazakh, Other language – Russian
    Kenya: – English, Kiswahili
    Kiribati English
    Korea: Korean
    Kuwait: Arabic
    Latvia: Latvian
    Lebanon: Arabic; Other language French
    Lesotho: – Sesotho, English
    Liberia: English
    Libya: Arabic
    Liechtenstein: German
    Lithuania: Lithuanian
    Luxembourg: French; Other languages German and Luxemburgish
    Macao: Portuguese; Other language Mandarin
    Macedonia Macedonian; Other language Greek
    Madagascar: Malagasy; Other language French
    Madeira: Portuguese
    Malawi: English
    Malaysia: – Malay, English
    Mali, Republic of: French; Other languages Bambara, Peul
    Malta: Maltese; Other language Arabic
    Mauritania, Islamic Republic of: – Arabic, French
    Mauritius: English; Other languages French, Creole
    Mexico: Spanish; Other languages some Indian dialects, e.g. Mayan
    Monaco, Principality of: French
    Montserrat: English
    Morocco: Arabic; Other languages French, Berber
    Mozambique: Portuguese
    Myanmar: Burmese
    Namibia: : English
    Nepal: Nepali
    Netherlands: Dutch, Fries
    New Caledonia: See France
    New Zealand: English; Other languages Maori
    Nicaragua: Spanish
    Niger: French; Other language Hausa
    Nigeria: English; Other languages Hausa, Yoruba, Ibo
    Norway: Norwegian
    Oman: Arabic
    Pakistan; – Urdu, English; Other languages – Pashto, Baluchi, Sindhi
    Panama: Spanish
    Papua New Guinea: – English, Pidgin, Motu
    Paraguay: Spanish
    Peru: Spanish
    Philippines: – Filipino, English; Other language Spanish
    Poland: Polish
    Portugal: Portuguese
    Puerto Rico: – English, Spanish
    Qatar: Arabic
    Romania: Romanian
    Russian Federation: Russian
    Samoa: English
    San Marino, Rep. Of: Italian; Other language San Marinese dialect
    Saudi Arabia: Arabic
    Senegal: French
    Serbia & Montenegro (former Yugoslavia): Serbian
    Seychelles: – English, French; Other language Creole
    Sierra Leone: English
    Singapore: English
    Slovakia: Slovak
    Slovenia: Slovene
    Solomon Islands: – English, Pidjin
    Somalia: Somali
    South Africa: – Afrikaans, English; Other languages Xhosa, Zulu
    Spain: Spanish; Other languages Catalan, Galician, Basque: Legalisation Apostille
    Sri Lanka: – Sinhala, Tamil
    St Kitts-Nevis: English
    St Lucia: Patois, English
    St Vincent & the Grenadines: English
    Sudan: Arabic
    Surinam: Dutch
    Swaziland: English
    Sweden: Swedish
    Switzerland: – German, French, Italian, Romansch Syria: Arabic
    Tahiti: French
    Taiwan: – Mandarin, Cantonese
    Tanzania: – English, Swahili
    Thailand: Thai
    Togo: French; Other languages – Ewe, Kabié
    Tonga: – Tongan, English
    Trinidad & Tobago: English
    Tunisia: Arabic
    Turkey: Turkish
    Turks & Caicos Islands: English
    Tuvalu: – Tuvaluan, English
    Uganda: English; Other language Swahili
    Ukraine: – Ukrainian; Other language Russian
    United Arab Emirates: Arabic
    United States of America: English
    Uruguay: Spanish
    Vanuatu: – English, French, Bislama
    Venezuela: Spanish
    Vietnam: Vietnamese; Other languages – English, French
    Yemen: Arabic
    Zaire: French; Other languages Swahili, Ciluba, Lingala
    Zambia: English; Other language Bemba
    Zimbabwe: English; Other languages Shona, Ndebele

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    WHOA thats a long list.

    Do you know which language is common to the most countries?

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    In The Netherlands we also have fries, a language closely related to dutch and german.
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    For the Netherlands there is also:

    Dutch, West Frisian, Drent, Groning, & Westerwold

  5. amantine

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    I don't think drents, gronings and westerwold count. Those are just dialects, in the same way as scottish is a dialect of english. I can understand them usually, but speaking in those dialects is pretty difficult.
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    If memory serves, that is English, although the one spoken by the most people is Chinese.
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    out of interest wheres the UK?
    We have, gaelic, welsh, English and Irish and more
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    Interesting list, JcMinJapan...the official languages are those which the government recognises so that their literature and educational material is confined to those only...and I can understand why.
    There are estimated to be between 5,000 and 10,000 different languages in the world, the criteria being that it should be more than a local variant or dialect of another.

    In Richard Rudgley's book, 'The Lost Civilizations of the Stone Age', which I am reading now, he goes into detail about the search for a 'common tongue' which might be seen as the root language from which they all are derived.

    The science which has evolved from this, linguistics, has only been around for about 200 years and is composed of two camps...splitters and lumpers...splitters are sceptics about proposing large scale language groups and lumpers make wide liguistic assumptions.

    There are, it seems, 17 principal languages on the earth, as proposed by linguist Joseph Greenberg.

    Rather than reproduce a very long thread showing these languages, I'd be willing to add any particulars from this book into this thread...for instance, if you would like to know where Caucasian languages are spoken, it seems there are 35 languages spoken by about 5 million people in the Caucasus. The dominant language is Georgian and spoken by only 3 million people.

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    icewolf...the UK would be lumped into the Indo-European group, consisting of 140 languages spoken by 2 billion far the largest of the 17 lumped groups. Geographically, this stretches north into Sweden and Norway, south to Spain, east to Iceland and west to the Urals.

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    Does anyone know what the hardest language is to learn?