Human Biology NYC health authorities find rare form of HIV

Discussion in 'Human Biology' started by Bleys, Feb 12, 2005.

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    New York health agencies are reporting that they have diagnosed a man with a rare strain of HIV. The HIV strain is extremely drug resistant and progresses from HIV to AIDS in a matter of months rather than years.

    There is absolutely no excuse for men and women not using condoms, especially this man who is in his 40s and survived the initial outbreak during the 1980s. Are people really buying into the various internet conspiracies involving HIV or do they think that living with HIV is just a nuisance?

    How do virus strains mutate or change into new strains - what is the catalyst for the change?

    Are we on the verge of another huge outbreak similar to the one in 25 years ago?

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    I was discussing this new HIV threat with a doctor friend today. He noted that the good thing about this new strain is its relatively short incubation period. People would be develop symptoms sooner and would develop full blown AIDS quicker, within a matter of months. He could tell I was kinda shocked and noted that it would have less time to spread and on the whole would infect less people. I understood where he was coming from - the less time the virus remains hidden, the less the overall infection and death rate will be - but it still bothered me.

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    I read this in the paper today also.
    It is shocking, and to think how much money goes into defence and not medical, social and environmental research.
    Maybe just mother natures way of controling her children because they are too immature to control themself's.