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    With Nuclear energy created large amounts of damaging waste isn't it about time we upgraded to something a bit more eco-friendly. Well Nuclear Fusion is out answer!!

    Nuclear Fusion is the energy producing process which takes place continuously in stars, i.e our sun.

    It produces huge amounts of energy by combining atoms. For those of you have no background in chemistry an atom was thought of as the simplest substance on earth although it has been proven that even atoms are made of other particles. But back to fusion. The atoms being used would generally be isotopes (an isotope is an element which has a different weight than usual) anyway these isotopes are combined.

    Scientists have been able to produce this in labs with some of the same affects as would be seen in the sun. The only problem being is that unlike this reaction on the sun it takes far more energy to create the fusion than we are getting out of it. But with such miraculous advances in technology this is certainly the power of the future.

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    Yes Hydrogen to Helium, a very profitable energy source if we can ever lower the threshold for the reaction. THe problem is the sun as so many factors going for it. Incredible heat, large fuel source, its own built in nuclear reactor, etc. It is like throwing a lit match in a fireworks stand. For us to reproduce those conditions will be very difficult but I have no doubt we will find a way some day.