History November 30th

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    0306 - St Marcellus I begins his reign as Catholic Pope

    1700 - Utrecht/Overijssel/Buren/Leerdam/IJsselstein go on Gregoria calendar

    1776 - Capt Cook begins 3rd and last trip to Pacific (South Sea)

    1782 - Britain signs agreement recognizing US independence

    1924 - 1st photo facsimile transmitted across Atlantic by radio (London-NYC)

    1954 - 1st meteorite known to strike a woman (Liz Hodges-Sylacauga Ala)

    1956 - 1st use of videotape on TV (Douglas Edwards and the News)

    1964 - USSR launches Zond 2 towards Mars; no data returned

    1966 - Barbados gains independence from Britain (Natl Day)

    1967 - People's Democratic Republic of Yemen declares independence from UK

    1974 - Most complete early man skeleton found (Johanson and Gray in Ethiopia)

    1982 - STS-6 vehicle moves to launch pad

    1983 - Radio Shack announces Tandy Model 2000 computer (80186 chip)

    1983 - Ra£l Alfonsin wins Argentine presidential election

    1987 - Afghanistan Constitution adopted
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    Zsandmann is born!
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    lol 1981:

    I was gonna do it but didnt want to seem too pompous. :)
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    other people born on Z's birthday

    1667 Jonathan Swift (author, satirist)

    1835 Mark Twain (author)

    1874 Sir Winston Churchill (British Prime Minister)

    1955 Billy Idol (singer)