Technology Novelty over Necessity?

Discussion in 'Technology' started by pineappleupsidedown, Dec 5, 2004.

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    I thought this was a very interesting article. Do you think its true that people (and youth more so) spend $ on things just to be bigger & better instead of buying more things they need at lower prices? and WHY? if your not going to use it, then buy something else with the $ instead.

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    You are right young people are more into technology and new gadgets that we older people.

    My children 18 and 21 are into all kind of new things that I can not understand, to me is just a waste of money when one year later they have newer things and lower prices.

    I like new gadgets but I am more of a penny pincher now, specially with them in college.

    My daughter's dorm room looks better and it has more technology that her room at home ever did, but if she said she need it we get it for her as long as is to make her college experience better.:lol:

    I agree the younger generation has to have it all just to fit in.
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    Alot of it stems from the parenting. I see less quality instilled in these children, and it shows in their attitude and outlook on life.

    Laziness - Too often have I heard, "buy the kid what they want so they'll leave you alone", and I am always frustrated at these kind of people.

    Some schools are actually built around this concept and the only way for a child to make it through w/out too many scars is to ensure that they have the best of materials to 'show off' their status - not just in the social status of their peers, but also in the eyes of the teacher who would prefer to put more effort into the more well dressed kid.

    It is us that is doing this to them. Our children. Todays generation.

    Not to say it is all up to us to decide what we think is right or needed for them; But it is our obligation to guide them to the 'road less traveled'.
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    I think the other major problem is televison. These people have these things on the television and they are happy. The thing people dont realize is that the people are not happy because they have the item, they are happy they are going to get paid so freaking much!

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