Archaeology NEWS - Researchers said it may be the oldest skull ever found in the Americas

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    Apparently they remains were found in the late 50's, but someone had a hunch, had them carbon dated, and it turns out the remains are around 13,000 years old, which is 3,000 years older than the previous 'record' holder, the article says, a skull found in the US that had to be returned to natives.

    The article continues, most interstingly, with this:
    Most interesting indeed. For a while there have been reports of non 'asiatic' (take that however you want it) remains in the far east, and of course the ainu are teh aboroginal people in modern Japan, herded onto reservation islands for a while now (tho also regularly interbreeding with the japanese). They're in a situation very similar to modern native americans.

    And, probably more controversial, is what apparently was quite popular in the fifties but has falled out of favour since then, only to gain support now, tha is, that the americas were largely populated, not be peopel crossing the bering lang bridge during an ice age, but by peoplle from polynesia and the surrounding cultural domains. Supposedly there are remians found along the coast of south and central america that are very similar to polynesian items (baskets and such). This idea was called the 'Diffusionist' hypothesis back then.
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    I've read a couple of different articles on pre-clovis civilizations and although controversial, they are interesting:

    One thing that is certain is we are only beginning to learn of our origins:

    This ought to give the mormons something to really get excited about.