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  1. OdraNoel

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    G'Day, names Clinton. Like the site, found it tonight and thought I'd join up. I like reading up on and talking about a lot of fact based stuff, but find that the best sources of ideas and investigation material come from speculation and heresay!!!! Peace, Unity, Great Minds, Life out there in space and in here in this violent old crap heap, sorting out why and taking action. Into heaps... spent some time researching UFO's from FACT? based info... reading about DaVinci at present... like to learn more about factual info on illuminati and any other spun out heavy stuff that makes you sit up and get that excellent chill down your spine that maybe, just maybe there is a chance that we don't know it all and discovery's and wierd things are happening. You know I'd just like to see a ghost, just once, cos it would do so much for me... give me hope that I'll go somewhere when I die etc. I beleive I have witnessed 2 anomolies in the sky.,,,,
    Well thats about it, don't want to bore you, thanks for welcoming me and hope to hear from you guys/girls soon. PS: I have crappy modem and am often called away so don't get wrong idea if I...... disappear!!!
  2. Bleys

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    Welcome to ID OdraNoel!

    I hope to see some of your posts in the coming days. You will find that ID deals more with fact based empirical evidence type discussions but we always welcome new theories or ideas - makes for interesting exchanges.

    If you enjoy Illuminati and UFOs don't forget to check out our sister site. It is the place for conspiracy related debate - just make sure you bring a hardhat.

    Feel free to U2U me if you need anything.
  3. pineappleupsidedown

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    Welcome OdraNoel!

    Like Bleys said, we dont discuss conspricaies here. But I cant wait to hear some of the things you have discovered, either here or at ATS.

    Welcome to ID.

  4. tablet

    tablet Premium Member

    Welcome aboard Leonardo,

    I already feel that you're full of mystery, I can feel it. Touch the screen (your monitor) and I will transfer my "feel it" to you.

    I have crappy modem and am often called away so don't get wrong idea if I...... disappear!!!
    I'm on modem too. Please I advise you to stay away from the phone wire or phone. I almost got sucked into the Matrix twice...
  5. OdraNoel

    OdraNoel New Member

    tableture of greatness for tablet

    Big thumbs up for the Tablet. Thought you had some extra smartz in that head o'yours!! Like the style, like the poise, and look forward to hearing what you got to say bout stuff.

    Shortly after Chaos Theory and Mandlebrocht Fractals came out I ended up in a park with a group of people talking about the little we knew about it (i.e: x=x2+y).
    Unfortunately for us that little sum nearly got us sent to the Nutty Farm. Me and some girl got caught in this bizarre loop and couldn't escape whilst contemplating x=x2+y. It still hurts just remembering it.

    Have you ever read 'The Day After Roswell'? That nearly sent me to the recyle bin as well!:wow: It's written by Col. Philip J. Corso (Ret). However I personally (I went to lecture) asked Stanton Friedman about the book and he said that much of it was HOGWASH.

    So ho was he allowed to publish it as non-fiction???

    So many of these types of things I love, when the brain refuses to do what it isn't told. I deliberately look for things that hurt to think about, what do you think tablet?
    Should I use a capital T next time?
  6. JcMinJapan

    JcMinJapan Premium Member

    Welcome to ID.... Look forward to hearing more of your thoughts on the saner side of science. :D
  7. tablet

    tablet Premium Member

    No, never heard of "The Day After Roswell", however I just checked to find out what it's about and there it is.. UFO. My personal belief is that we're alone in this universe. I'm very careful of the book I read because... well I don't want to have ideas planted in my head.

    T is the T. You decide. :)