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Discussion in 'News @ ID' started by Masashi.Mikamida, Mar 29, 2005.

  1. Masashi.Mikamida

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    I heard this from a friend of mine who is an avid viewer of CNN. Apparently, a Senator somewhere out east (in Virginia I think) is trying to pass a series of laws that basically say that if and when an unborn baby or newborn has a blood test done for genetic abnormalities, if they find the ‘gay gene’ in the baby’s DNA, the baby will be terminated. This seems to be a bit more ridiculous than usual, and I was wondering if anybody else heard about this, and if there is any truth in it.
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    This is what I found :

    I have a gay family member (as does the vice-president) , this can go nowhere because of the right wing stance of "pro-life" IMO . These people offend me to no end with thier hypocracy .

    I think Orwell might have been depicting the right wingers in Animal Farm : All animals are created equal . Some animals are more equal than others .

    Bet this guy has a few skeletons in his "closet"
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    I also noticed this guy is a democrat , strange .... must have changed parties recently ....
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    Let\'s get to the bottom of this little rumor.

    I found that this bill is actually state legislation - Maine to be exact.

    So where did Einstein come up with this idea.

    You can fool some of the people but not this time skippy. So IMO this is muchado about nothing. We have someone seeking to separate the gay and pro-choice communities, inspite of his comments to the contrary, but who obviously just doesn't get it. Gads I dislike politicians more each day.

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    IMO, if they can find the "gay gene" umm, explain to me, why are wasting research time on this, when the effort should be to find the other problems that have been a problem long before?

    Overall, I think this is stupid and waste of time, its retarded and like anyone is actually going to vote this in. Seems to me, this person is just looking for recognition. And medically, provide some FOR SURE, ABSOLUTE, NO BARS HOLD, PERFECT RESEARCH that shows there is such a gene, not theories and so forth. Apparently this person is homophobic....

    And let me tell you I am not homophobic, but I had friends for YEARS, that I never knew were, some even gotten married to a woman/man, to protect themselves from being segregated and hated upon, of course they married the opposite sex, but both parties were homosexual, to them it was a helpful tool. Even to this day they still do this, as to not loose jobs, due to their alternative lifestyle. Heck, some of you may have coworkers, friends, classmates that you dont even know are homosexual, cause they dont want their alternative lifestyle to burden them and they keep it behind closed doors.

    I can tell you this though, the few that I still know to this day, are great people, they would do anything at the drop of a hat for you, primarliy cause you respect them, therefore they do so upon you and you dont judge them or announce them as such. BUT this is a for a portion of that population, not all are that way.
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    You know, for a second there I was really hoping this was just a big hoax. But after hearing self-esteem, my dreams and hope for the future have been utterly crushed.