Lit & The Arts Need Help!! with a book refrence

Discussion in 'Literature & The Arts' started by junior_smith, Feb 20, 2005.

  1. junior_smith

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    there was a book written in 1991 by this guy (don't knwo his name) and i dont knwo what its called but it describes that evry story is written in either the city, rural or nature something liek that. coudl you plz help i havent searched for it yet cause i thought i should go here first thx.
  2. Bleys

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    More information needed - cannot compute:

    Is the book - non fiction?
    Is the book an editorial on literature?
    What else does it talk about?

  3. mscbkc070904

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    Sorry to say Jr but thats very broad...please narrow down a little liek maybe just one story thats the most famous, like quick synopsis about it.
  4. junior_smith

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    sry i really dont knwo anymore about it