Zoology Mystery Maryland Animal May Be A Thylacene

Discussion in 'Zoology' started by Cinderloft, Sep 1, 2004.

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    The stripes on its back and its tail would lend more credence, but they
    have been edited out.?

  3. Cinderloft

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    The photo of the actual creature is not great quality. I believe a guy set up a camera to take video of it. Have not seen said video myself. (56k dialup, I hurt. lol) Anyone with better info than myself?
  4. Bastet

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    The images are poor quality - the 1st ones I immediately identified as a fox badly afflicted with mange.

    The later [even poorer quality] images of an unidentified animal near Joopa - these were very interesting due to the shape of the tail, which definitely resembled that of a Tasmanian tiger [thylacine]. It would be fantastic if it was one! They were hunted out of existence in Tassie, & the last known one died at Hobart Zoo in 1936 - but a project to clone one from a speciman that was preserved in alcohol, may, just may take place in the next decade.

    I urge you to compare some images of the thylacine, also some antiquated short films, here -




    & you'll also read of many reported, but still unsubstantiated, sighrtings to this day in Oz.

    I'm rather excited by those Joopa images.
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    Bastet - Have you been keeping an eye on the chupacabra developments in Chile? I find the whole thing quite interesting. I was quite skeptical at first, but the reports kept coming in. I am looking for more information on that as well.

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    I read quite a bitta stuff on it several years ago, but no, I haven't kept up with it lately. Sounds a scary critter - I honestly hope it's not real, but you never know.....
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    Heh, no you don't. I will stick with the racoon that gives me the evil eye when I go out to the dumpster with a bag of trash. I swear, you think it would be happy for me bringing him more garbage. It feels like a tithe I must pay to not get my eyes scratched out.