Puzzles & Games Mystery: A Quiet Morning at the Office Solved

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    "There can be no question of suicide," stated Cooper emphatically. "The murder weapon, a handgun with a silencer, was found immediately in front of the victmim's desk, but beyond where he could have dropped it. It also had no fingerprints, and he wasn't wearing gloves."

    "I agree," said Walker. "The gun, of course, was photographed and taken for evidence before we removed the body."

    Inspector Matthew Walker of the Royston Police Department, Thomas P. Stanwick, and FBI Special Agent Ryan Cooper were in the inner office of wilson Jasper. Until he had been found sht at his desk a few hours eariler. Jasper had been vice president of Supertech Corporation.

    The reliable Seargent Hatch entered the office and reported to Walker.

    "As you can see, sir," he said, "there are only four doors out of this office. Three lead to the offices of Jasper's aides: Joseph Springer, John King, and William Farrar. Their offices also open onto the outer hallway. The fourth door, directly facing the desk leads to the outer office, wich is occupied by ms pringle, Jasper's secretary, and two clerks. The windows behind Jasper's desk cannot be opened."

    While listening to Hatch's report Stanwick glanced again over the large, bloodstained desk. When he and Walker arrived, the body had still been slumped over the blotter, which was covered with several spattered piles of finanical reports, preformance evaluations, and other papers. Also on the desk were a telephone console, a pen set, a calendar, a family photograph, and a few kinckknacks. A persponal computer rested on the side table beside the chair,

    "I've finnished questioning the aides," Hatch continued. " Springer said he didn't want to disturb him while he was doing evaluations. King and Farrar also denied seeing him this morning. Neither was sent for, snd farrar was bussy with quarterly reports."

    "How about Ms. Pringle?" asked Walker

    "She says Jasper arrived at about eight, went rightinto his office, and closed the door. He had a full briefcase with him, as usual. He cleaned off his desk each night and brought a case ful of papers home."

    "Did he have any appoiments this morning?" asked Cooper.

    "None that she knew of, and no one appeared for one. He kept his schedule and to-do list to himself. In a nutshell, no one saw anyone enter or leave Jasper's office except Jasper himself, and no one heard a shot or noise. Ms. Pringle found the body when he wouldn't answer his intercom for a call.:

    "Well," said Cooper with a sigh, "A Bureau team will soon be hear to examine the offices more throughly. It may tie in with one of our current investigations. Certainly we have established that acess to the inner office was exceedingly limited."

    "I think we have established rather more than that," Stanwick remarked.

    "Such as?"

    "SUch as the identiy of the killer," said Stanwick quietly.

    Who murdered Wilson Jasper?

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    it was Springer, since how else could he have known what Jasper had been working on?

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    Good. thats right.
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    Darnit! I missed it......