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Discussion in 'Earth Science' started by secondmessiah, Mar 21, 2005.

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    in december the earthquake and tsunami has caused me to review my knowledge and come up with the chain reaction theory and the thing is that earthquake was so powerful that the earth is spinning 1/1,000,000 times faster than it ussually is and the earth tilted 1 inch and i believe this is just the beginning of series of powerful tectonic activity and the recent 7.0 earth quake in japan is evidence to my thoery.:up:
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    Explain your theory and support info a little more on how you came to the conclusion that this will be a "chain reaction", please.
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    every large scale 'event' affects the rotation, tilt, velocity, etc of the earth but they are only momentary shifts, the orbit and inertia of the earth around the sun pulls things back to equilibrium. I think people mistake an increase in our global news intake created by the influx of the mass media into our phones, TVs, radio, palm pilot, computer, etc as an increase in the 'geologic activity' of the earth. I mean in 1900 how likely would you have been to have heard about an earthquake in the Middle East or Asia if you lived in Montana, Utah, Colorado, etc.

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    so you think that it is most unlikely that something like that could happen? look!!! after the big earthquake in southeast asia another powerful earthquake occured in japan not too far from the tsunami areas!!:o:o :bnghd::bnghd::bnghd: i think you might be right i need more research if any tectonic activity(major ones) happen over the next few months than that adds another shred of evidence to my theory