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Discussion in 'Entertainment' started by Young William, Apr 11, 2005.

  1. Young William

    Young William Premium Member

    Whether in anger, frustration, mal-acceptance, or , sometimes in peace, we cannot deny the influential power of music.
    I'm a music lover as I'm sure the rest of ID is, however, I recently considered the "newest" groups, and were they were going........nothing appeared.........
    The 90's were filled with influential bands of sort, Pearl Jam, Alice in Chains, Nirvana, and ...well the list goes onto the one or two hit wonders.
    This sounds a bit nuts, but try and trace the likes of history to the types of music created................
    From 2000 on, well I can't think of anything that has caught my attention, .........though the media says that ignorance is bliss,........
  2. Bleys

    Bleys Phoenix Takes Flight Staff Member

    Maybe you\'ve reached your generation gap?

    My dad used to say "this is not the rock and roll I grew up with - this is garbage." I say the same thing to my kids. Music defines a generation - you've probably just moved beyond the interests and tastes of the current generation that is being marketed to.

    Rarely do I find something that moves me enough to buy the whole CD - thank goodness for Itunes, it has become indispensable for downloading that occasional song that I like. Although I like all forms of music - I find that I either love or hate a particular song. Perfect example: Black Eyed Peas, I have two of their songs, but think the vast majority of their work sucks.

  3. helenheaven

    helenheaven Premium Member

    The reverse is happening in my household...I'm into Outkast, Eminem ( except the 2 latest pieces of garbage, Toy Soldiers and Mockingbird - self serving crapola), Greenday etc

    My kids are into David Bowie, The Beatles etc...they think its ultra cool that I know all the words.
  4. Young William

    Young William Premium Member

    Thanks to the both of you.
    Bleys has made a very good point, and mabye I'm not ready to admit that I'm "getting older."
  5. xu

    xu Premium Member

    in my opinion the music styles doesnt realy evolve drastically, just the clothes and images do, which are the reason certain groups find themselves closer to a certain music group. I am not saying all the sounds are the same however image is a more powerful factor in todays musical trend than the sound. I find it interesting that individuals are generally attrracted to musical groups whose image, or cultural position is different from the most they see around. thats why new sounds always suceed or gain interest easily.

    take me for example, I grew up by listening samantha fox, george michael, michael jackson, then iron maiden, slayer, metallica etc. but not because I chose to listen, but me and my brother were sharing the same room, and I was listening what he was listening and I was like 5 years old. then later at age 10s there was some garbage music that I was exposed to here and there, I started to play guitar early as you could guess. here metallica wasnt even know to public youth then. and at age 14 I started to improvise with instruments, that was when I was isolated from the musical trends for the first time. Note that "we" were seeing the local musical culture, (eastern tunes) worthless and somewhat less developed or modern. "we" couldnt bare to listen those, (I was young) when exposed to this genre accidentally in a public bus etc. we were like being tortured. This reaction was about the image that music carried not really about the sound of it. however when I started to improvise and collaborate with friends, I realized that, all the sounds I heard before was in my head and it was very familiar and I enjoyed it, we were including eastern tunes in the process of improvisation for the fun of it, it was good. and I started to listen jazz. then I realized the similarity of jazz improvisation with the local gypsy music, which is also a music where a couple of men gather and take their instruments and start to play by gesturing to eachother, all by improvisation, and fun. (if you are in europe and familiar with Burhan Öçal you will know what I mean. think of a sound between jazz and India music, kind of mixed) After that all sounds were mixed up for me and I saw that the image has nothing to do with sound, and they should be perceieved seperately. so I started to play doumbek and clarinet (gypsy style) at that time gypsy music was accepted as the music of the "lows" in some "high" societies and was being despised by the stereotype which I kind of belonged to. doumbek instrument was heavily used in arabesque (gypsy music is something else) so when you say "doumbek" people would be like "interesting hmmm, I got to go. bye" It was until when the instrument doumbek and clarinet was used gypsy style in electronic music by some "DJ" and a doumbek player in europe, like after 12 years, people started to be like " wow doumbek, coool" and after then this kind of music was safe to listen around and sometimes even considered to be marginal and started to be considered as a sign of high intellect.

    you see it is the image not the sound. and there is this lyrics thing which defines the mentality of the trend and by doing this it chooses its audience.

    when the current youth gets bored with the music around they choose something new or old, not the current trend, because it is about image, you try to be different than most, and the music you listen is also a part of your image. also when some person feels like s/he belongs to some certain group, s/he starts to dress like they do, do the thinks they do, and listen to the music they listen. you see what I mean.

    they mostly choose a music group, or brand not because its high quality etc. but because they think the style would look good on their image.:cool:

    I personally create my own music and listen to it while creating it, and get my share by listening it. its like medicine designed for the individual. you create acording to your musical taste and then listen to it, both fun. :)
  6. Young William

    Young William Premium Member

    Great Post xu!
  7. Bleys

    Bleys Phoenix Takes Flight Staff Member

    Not older - we just have a much more refined taste and are not the focus of music industry's marketing. No one seems interested in making an album anymore - just a single hit. Do you remember buying an album because of a great song, but it became your least favorite once you heard the whole album? Albums used to be works of art taken from life, written by the performers with their blood, sweat and tears - look at Fleetwood Mac's Rumors or Alice Cooper's From the Inside. I miss that. The only person that comes close for me is Eminem, but even his last work seems marketed.

  8. oddtodd

    oddtodd Premium Member

    I like that this site transends generations and thier opinions . We all have that song that takes us back in time to what we have experienced , things change , we all get older .

    I love hearing that song that takes me back to smooching in the back seat at the drive -in (that is a place where they showed movies outdoors in a large parking lot for our younger viewers . ) or that feeling of empowered energy that binds and seperates generations .

    the music brings you back and is all relative to our individual experiences . It is a good thing .

    My generations music may be garbage to the recent generation and vice versa but it all has the same collective affect to our lives in our respective generations .

    I would have to say that we should ALL listen to what the lyrics say to find a common ground .

    I like peaceful , I like thoughtful , I like Rock and the oldies but I don't like the angry and violent that I hear to much of nowadays .

    But I do understand why it is there .
  9. bodebliss

    bodebliss The Zoc-La of Kromm-B Premium Member

    "I like peaceful , I like thoughtful , I like Rock and the oldies but I don't like the angry and violent that I hear to much of nowadays ."

    Me also. When I want to relax, I like to listen to Judy Garland. It is a mystery how a life lived in so much turmoil can produce an art that has such a relaxing air.