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Discussion in 'Entertainment' started by tablet, Nov 22, 2004.

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    Let's talk about music.
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    todd - that was just what I needed to make my morning! :lol:

    Just a warning to others: make sure to swallow your coffee/juice/water/beverage of choice BEFORE viewing this. (Unless you enjoy cleaning your monitor.)

    tablet - I listen to music every morning on the way to work. I listen occasionally at work, but only if I have blocked my schedule and am working on a 'Do Not Disturb' project.

    I have found that I work a little faster and more efficiently when listening to music.

    I have to watch myself at work, though. I have a tendency to sing along without realizing it. :sing:
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    I have often said my life is mainly about the music. Music is a verry large part of my life and i am verry active in it. I listen to classical, opera, and ambient. But mostly classical. I play clarinet and bass clarinet and i do it bueatifully. I often go see orcherstral preformances becasue our local orchestra puts on concerts every week. My deep love for the music has made me prusue deep studies of clarinet playingand i am not hard pressed to say i pratices about 3 hours a day. But on to the music. I love my music and i dont change with it. I have had my music for so long that i know it, appreicate it, and love it. Im a long time classical listener and my ears have become verry fine tuned to pickign out instruments. I have found that classical music can be scary, loud, soft, relaixing, sad, happy, exciting, and any other emmotion you can conjure. There is a song for everything. With out words you can almost put a song into any scenario and make it fit your needs. I have often sat back listned to a full symphony and made up a story around it. Disneys Fantaisa's were by far the greatest movies ive seen. MY favorite movies were run about the music, Amadeaus, Fantasis, and Fantasia 2000. i someimes find myself picking up a conducting wand and movng with the flow of the music. I really would like to participate in civic orchestras in my spare time

    you could deff say music is a large part of my life and alot of my life is catered to it.
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    Interesting one Mizar.

    I've listend to a variety type of music. I tried Classical and it just never do it for me. Although, I don't mind if people turn on classical while I'm in the room and I rarely turn on CLassical because I don't find it fits with the environment specially when you have noise and cars... ect.. I rarely find the right moment to listen to classical music.

    I can't stand Opera music. IF you listen to it that mean you truly understand and appreciate music.

    todd: I was a little skeptic cause I though you might play back what I sent you via u2u. But having read drlau comments I decided to open it. Those horse must be Back Street Horse.
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    Oprea takes some time to realy realize what it is. The fact that teh human voice can be so bueatiful is what its all about to me.

    but as for classicl in cars that can be a major head ache. Your driving listening to your favorite song then you want to here the really cool clarinet solo and you miss it simply becasue the sound of the road overpowers it. classical in cars is a verry hard thing to do without a really nice sound system

    my freinds always make fun of me for that " yea im gona get me the awesome sound system in my car to listen to classical music
    ' then i get laughed at but if you think about it it makes more sense to have a great sound system for classical over say rap or pop. there is more to hear and more to ... feel

    i mean ive had bad mornings jumped in the car sat in the drive way closed my eyes and put on Copland's Fanfare for a Common Man. and have been energized to go forward and start a great day. but thats just me

    when i first heard that song in concert i cried i really did. i had tears in my eyes.

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    I love listening to the music, especially on long distance road trips, really loud with the windows down or out having a boogie with my mates.

    I cannot sing! Banned from Karaoke!

    My hat off to you Mizar for being so talented. I would love to play an instrument, did 3 years of classical guitar in high school, but sadly have not played since.

    Both my boys have started piano, surprisingly talented...Sam is already playing Mozart's fifth. I have been wondering if their talent is due to years of playing computer games and being so dexterious with their fingers on a keyboard...
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    Anyone know the name of Mozarts Turkish opera?

    i cant find it anywhere, the name that is.

    Im listeng to gacimo punnichni ( sp)'s turnadot right now and its amazing:p
  9. Mizar

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    I just have to say this,. Last night I went to see my local orchestra again... Well they were playing famous music from the movies, starwars, indiana jones, lord of the rings, 007, pirates of the caribbean, but most of all what I am excited to announce that I heard last night. Last night they played a suprise peice. They played the world premier public preformance from "The Terminal" now I'm a clarinet player and that music was pure clarinet I swear a tear was in my eye. The other stuff was cool. I got to here live preformances of Darth Vader MArch and the Katana Band :up: They played a joke peice from the shower secne from psyco which was rather funny, they had rain makers doing the water noise and had one of the french horn girls scream. 007 was great and LOTR was moving. Ah great stuff.

    If you have never seen your local orchestra I sugest you make a point to atleast once. :up:
  10. /Future Corpse/

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    I listen to many different types of music over all, but mostly stuff I can dance too. Industrial, electro, EBM, synth, new wave and the like.

    Sang in a few bands when I was younger, but just didn't have the time for it later on.
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    Genres of music that I listen to include:

    Power Metal, Heavy Metal, Progressive Metal, Fantasy Metal, Folk Black Metal, Symphonic Metal, and Thrash Metal.

    yeah that and Mark Knopfler (see Avatar)
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    I've always had music in my life. I quess that comes with "maladaptive" perceptions. I thought I knew what music was about until I watched the Alice In Chains "Unplugged" DVD.
    I was so taken aback by the presentation, that I began to share my experiences with others. One person who I greatly respected was much older than myself, and upon viewing the program, said that the "were a cheap ripoff of the Everly brothers."
    The pain, unsurity, desperation, love, passion, and effort go full circle in this performance, and in light of the somewhat recent death of Layne, well...... a much different perception of what life means to the individual as compared with the masses, comes to light.
    Music holds no one accountable, by nature it breaks down barriers, however, the only problem being, constant input is needed for the attention span of our crazy world.
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