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Discussion in 'Entertainment' started by tablet, Dec 19, 2004.

  1. tablet

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    I used to like to watch movies, I watched alot (well, actually just average) However, I just realized that I lost interest in watching movies. I see through the acting, the messages that I can't stand just staring at the screen.

    Who here still enjoy watching movies? Why is it that instead of trying to understand the world we sit and learn and watch illusion? I find watching animal, nature more worthwhile then house getting blown, zoombies coming after the actor ect...

    No offense, but if you still like movie then I guess that's your thing. Today I got Predator 2 (1990), A day after tomorow, I-ROBOT, Resident Evil 2, Garfield and 911 Time of crisis.

    Out of all that I only watched I-ROBOT (just to see what they have to say about AI cause I almost fall asleep, acting is not good! )
  2. marg6043

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    It seems to me that you have lost your ability of using your imagination.:@@:
  3. pineappleupsidedown

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    I think you have probably become too critical "oh, that wasnt realistic" "oh look, matt damon in ANOTHER high-action movie"

    Try to look past all that and just give your brain a rest and enjoy the movie.

  4. tablet

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    It's interesting to see a child spark with smile just by making some weird faces or noise. They'll giggles. Try doing that to a 23 years old man. :D

    The way I see it is that you'll get tire of evertyhing sooner or later. Because you see through it, through the acting and can read and predict their next move!... that's why the magic is gone for me.
  5. Mizar

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    Tablet, I sugest you read the Asimov Robot series that starts on I, Robot. and ends with Robots of Dawn. The books have taught me more about life than I can possibly say. I, Robot deals with morals and schemes. Caves of Steel deals with ethics. The Naked Sun deals with happiness and Robots of dawn deals with Love. I am yet to read Robots and Empire. MOst of all they all deal with ROBOTS and they have nice little points that go into logical scientific detail about the robots. They don't call Issac Asimov the father of robotocs for nothing. Hell honda even named their first humonioid acton robot after him. "Asimo"

    BTW- The movie I Robot brought me to tears at how terrible they destroyed Asimov''s work. And all the God dam product placement and crappy jokes. THEY RUINED IT!
    To your actual post. I quit watching TV:(

    To your actual post- I have basically quit watching TV. When I watch a movie it seems so fake and stupid. I guess its just you get more tuned to detail. Your no longer babbied to simplicity. Movies seem just boring. Last movie I saw was national treasue. the only thing that kept me intrested was the history aspect. the plot fell appart at so many places for me.
  6. marg6043

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    I am going to give you a very good advise for a lady that probably is old enough to be your mother,

    One of the reason people can not tell my age is, because I always keep myself happy and full of life, I take things lite and always tried to make a joke of a bad situation.

    Been able to do that keeps me young and wrinkles free, I always smile even when I feel like crying.

    Don't be hard on yourself or to critical, we are humans after all is ok to make mistakes. But always keep the dreams coming or you will not have something to live for as you get older.

    Is nothing wrong with using your imagination at any time, and is ok to be a child at anytime.

    Good luck.
  7. pineappleupsidedown

    pineappleupsidedown Premium Member

    Why did you buy the movies then?

  8. tablet

    tablet Premium Member

    It was given to me by my invisible friend (hey, my imagination is working again! Yay, give me five!)

    how terrible they destroyed Asimov''s work
    and it goes unnotice for some. That's the danger I see in movie, because as pine and marg pointed out, don't be too critical and let it flow ;) This is just a minor example.

    basically quit watching TV.
    You my friend have awaken! There are those who still dream while other have awaken. Then again, who say reality is better than fantasy?

    Overall I think life would be better if we quit watching TV and movies. I could be wrong for saying this. We have our own imagination and dream why don't we strengthen it and look inside and be awake then to live in a dream that was created by hollywood?

    marg6043, no worry. I'm critical at time but never serious. We seems to have the same attribute.

    But always keep the dreams coming
    I hope you mean our dreams cause their keeping theirs alive by putting it into us. :up:
  9. helenheaven

    helenheaven Premium Member

    I too have quit watching television, don't know where I used to find the time to watch!

    I don't go to the movies very often, but went to the premiere of National Treasure and highly recommend it !
  10. tablet

    tablet Premium Member

    I too have quit watching television, don't know where I used to find the time to watch!
    :shk: should have spent those time on ID or ATS!!!!! or study your goose! :shk: :shk:

    I don't go to the movies very often
    I don't mean stop watching movie as in "never watch any"...

    What I don't understand is that we know movie are not real. But yet alot of our ideas comes from it! does that make our idea "not real" for the movie we watch is not real!!?

    I won't comment National Treasure, you know where I stand. :D
  11. I love watching movies. The experience is som much fun. I usally watch them at home but on Saturday my brother and I saw Lemony Snickets and a series of unfortunate events. It has an odd plot and has excellent acting from all the characters. The sets were terrific,but the movie is odd. The colors and the darkness of the sets was phenominal. Movies are still very enjoyable to me. I hope that movies continue to push imagination boundries and give us the break from reality even for 2 hours. That 2 hours seems so magical.:sing: