News @ ID Moussaoui Takes Appeal to Supreme Court

Discussion in 'News @ ID' started by Bleys, Jan 11, 2005.

  1. Bleys

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    Moussaoui's lawyers have petitioned SCOTUS to overturn a lower courts ruling that prevented them from having access to Al Qaeda detainees. His lawyers argue that forbidding them from having access to these witnesses will prevent him from having fair trial. Moussaoui who is a French citizen, was indicted in an Al Qaeda conspiracy that includes the Sept. 11 attacks.

    Couple of questions for discussion:

    1- Are Moussaoui's lawyers right in their assessment that they cannot provide an adequate defense for their client?

    2- Should Moussaoui be given the same constitutional protections as a US citizen?

    3- How do the Feds balance National Security with individual rights and freedoms?


  2. oddtodd

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    1. I think so , but regardless of witnesses , the deck is stacked against him to begin with . Hard to find an impartial jury on charges involving 9-11

    2. Isn't this in the acts of war tribunal type of proceedures ?, in which case I would already regard him a prisoner and he may have had his rights removed (not something I agree with , and I may be wrong , just my take on it) Either way , he is still wanked ! But I believe anyone charged under our system should have full liberties to access our system and use it as any citezen would .

    3. The feds ignore personal rights and freedoms and use national security as a premise to install a police state .