Earth Science Mount St. Helens: Earthquakes, Steam, and Eruptions, oh my!

Discussion in 'Earth Science' started by JcMinJapan, Sep 24, 2004.

  1. JcMinJapan

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    Alot of places seem to be having small earth quakes, volcanoes being active, hurricanes hitting alot. Doesn`t this all seem weird as a whole? Any thoughts?

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  2. Zsandmann

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    Id imagine the magma body is moving, no worries happens all the time. Check out that paper on Yellowstone, its the same kinda thing. The earthquakes are small scale so I dont think there are any serious worries yet.
  3. JcMinJapan

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    Would you think this is a normal year for the world? To me.. the untrained eye.. This seems like a strange year across the planet. Well, a strange last 2 months.
  4. Zsandmann

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    I think you might just be biased by the fact you had an eruption near you. I havent seen any notable widespread increase in volcanos or earthquakes.
  5. JcMinJapan

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    U Da man Zsan!.. ha ha Well, I was just thinking about the general thing for the world also. I mean, here in Japan with the earthquakes that happened in the short time span, the Mt. Asama, The volcano in Hawaii being active (the quiet one), The 4 Hurricanes to hit florida area, and now Mt. St. Helens being active. Just seems like a lot in the last month. Probably just with my perspective here, seems like alot more... ha ha

    Also, this is told today about Mt. St. Helens.... Looks like she is heating up eh?

  6. Bleys

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    I don't know Z it seems like there have been more than a few volcanos making their presence known recently. Mt. St. Helens, Etna, Honshu, Mauna Loa, one in Kamchatka, one in Indonesia, and I think there are two rumbling in Alaska.

    I'll have to find the site I used to visit and post it.
  7. Zsandmann

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  8. JcMinJapan

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    Mexico\'s \"Fire Volcano\" Erupts!

    Wow, they are just popping everywhere... ha ha
  9. Mizar

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    Yea the other day i was talking to some of my freinds teling them the "Ring of Fire" is about to get really active and " all hell is gona break loose"

    i was listening to NPR news about a week ago and they said that mt St Helens was geting active. Then the next day they said a dormant faultline in Califorina went active with a big quake. They also reported that the volocanoes on hawaii were more so active. And a while back JcMinJapan reported on a volcano erupting in Japan. Now im geting reports that another one went up in mexico.

    It doesnt take a prefosessional or a specalist to see that somethings going on. im intrested with this i want to see what will happen.

    just for kicks i was talking to my mom about the Mt St Helens stuff ( read my sig and this will be somewhat more funny) So i go "yea mom the ring of fire is going crazy all this stuff is happening around like vocanoes on hawaii and mt st helens geting active abit"
    my mom - " Michael its not mt st helens thats active its mount everest they just said it on the news."

    " Mom thats so stpid Mt everest is in Nepal the only reason you say its mt everst is because its the only mountain you know thename of. You cant think of anything else. besides mt everest isnt even a volcano it isnt even on a fault like to my knowldge."

    mom " no michael your wrong."

    this morning we got the news paper to wich it said front page
    "Mt St Helens lets off a little steam after 8 days of rummbling!"
    need less to say i flaunted it in her face and laughed at her. - Ignorance Denied
  10. helenheaven

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  11. Mizar

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    Do they mean Astronomical observatory or like an observatory on the mount to view the landscape?

    because if the quakes get big ad dammage the main mirror of the scope that would be sad.
  12. Zsandmann

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    It is a seismic observatory built to monitor the volcano, they prolly do seismic studies and such there.
  13. junior_smith

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    they were saying earlier that these volcanoes blow out steam and then cover again and blow out steaqm snd cover and during that the magma flows (thats why you get the quakes) and then stops and in 1980 it did this for a month or so, and the longer it does this the larger the eruption or something. right now this eruption has only blown steam twice
  14. Zsandmann

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  15. Zsandmann

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    I witnessed another steam eruption this morning at 10AM Mountain time. The dome has bulged 150 ft today compared to the50 ft or so it has been averaging since friday. I think the main eruption is close.

    Steam eruption 3:30 pm mountain time.

    These seem to be increasing in frequency
  16. junior_smith

    junior_smith Premium Member

    is it raining now?
    or is the cam just blanketed with ash? i imagine that its raining
  17. justme1640

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    at 9:29 am on the 9th it looks like it is foggy as all get out...... Haven't had a clear view in a couple of days.....
  18. Fiorina 161

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    thank you Z-MAN, that is so cool,
    i went to the site, but your's is better!
    now i can post and watch to see if it's
    going fling ash my way! cool!
  19. JcMinJapan

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    Does this slowness of the eruption make it a precursor for it being bigger and badder? I mean if this happens for another month or so, would they expect a much larger eruption or will it slowly release its energy?
  20. Zsandmann

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    New steam eruption out of the bulge this morning. Increasing seismic activity again.

    Its coming...