News @ ID Mit Students Pull Prank On Conference

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    Gotta just love the irony of it. :lol:

    When asked, the MIT students said they targeted this specific conference because of its history within computer science circles of spamming solicitations for submissions to the conference. Because the conference is seen as a sham conference that exists simply to make money, they decided it was only right to submit a sham paper.

    Conference organizers said, "the paper was one of a small number accepted on a "non-reviewed" basis -- meaning that reviewers had not yet given their feedback by the acceptance deadline." "However, Callaos said conference organizers were reviewing their acceptance procedures in light of the hoax."

    Well, there's a novel idea - let's actually read the submissions before we honour them. :lol:

    The whole story can be found - here

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    "Are you finished Colonel?"................"Ohhh, I'm just gettin, warmed up!"- ........(The Scent of a Women, 1998).
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    HA HA HA HA... Wonderful story....