Physical Science Microwave oven into a Radar device

Discussion in 'Physical Science' started by Mizar, Dec 14, 2004.

  1. Mizar

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    I once heard that all the supplises you need to make a crude pre WW2 radar device are avaible in todays average Microwave oven. Does anyone know how to do this or even if it is true? I understand that if it does contain it all you need something to act as a display screen. and ive got some old like 1995 black and white 3 inch tvs!

    If this is the wrong place to put this someone move it.
  2. PtballDan

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    If you have any info i would love to build one to test out and post results on the website.
  3. MJAC

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    i am sure you can do this because the inventer of the microwave oven was a british scientist trying to make a new type of radar during ww2 but accidentlly came across the microwave so yes it is possibe but sorry i dont know how
  4. Mark

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    I would be EXTREMELY cautious with messin' with the gut's of a microwave oven!
    Very high voltages present, as well as concentrated microwave radiation,...

    ... will deny some ignorance in a heartbeat. (and it could be the last one) :o
  5. MJAC

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    very good point. do not try this unless you know what you are doing and/or are supervised by a dude who knows what he is doing ha ha. truly any radiation is dangerous and could really screw up your life my mum works in a speacil needs class room and i now that some of them started out normal but after doing something stupid for this reason or another ended up scarded for life so be careful
  6. blue

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    the cavity magnatron was invented in america- but it took british scientists during ww2 to discover that it could put out centametric wavelength microwaves for the purpose of radar detection ( u-boat hunting) it then came back to america to use the heat generated by the microwave excitation of the molocules in the wave path in an attempt to cook alibit the amana microwave oven. so it could be done, but yould be a dang fool to try it, if not injuring yourself then possibly someone else
  7. oddtodd

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    I think it is called a Klystron , and yeah , don't mess with microwave guts .

    Start off easy with a toaster or blender !
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    well put start on something easy and then get a degree in microwaves lol
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    microwave oven into radar

    I would like to clarify a few things for you.

    The Cavity Magnetron, the heart of a radar device was infact invented at the University of Birmingham in the UK. All British im afraid that one. The guy started bombarding radiowaves at an object and wondered "hmmm what if i turn up the frequency?". And it turned out that it heated the object up that was being bombarded. The british scientist was quite disenhartened, and sold the idea to an American, who infact made a killing selling microwave ovens.

    Incidently, also present at the University of Birmingham at that time were 2 other scientists, who were not granted a high enough security clearance, and so were sent to less important project. Which was fissile material calculation. Yes, they were the first guys to prove mathematically that it was possible to construct an atomic bomb.


  10. oddtodd

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    Ignorance Denied yet again !

    ZAP !