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  1. This is what i mean by the law as it happens in real court. Comes one Tom Sneddon who should be kicked off the MJ case. He has a personal vendetta against MJ that has nothing to do with trying to serve justice. He just wants to fry somebody.

    Prior convictions may be admissible. But prior charges are something else altogether. This is a blatant attempt to conjure up a guilty verdict. And it stinks.
  2. Mark

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    Normally I would agree, but the case before the current one involving MJ and MJ ultimately settling with the family for undisclosed sums, and the state not having the power necessary to act in behalf of the child...

    ...caused a new California law to be enacted that prevents a person from 'settling-out' in charges attributed to such a heinous crime against children.

    Since this is not MJ's first charge for such a crime, and since the old law permissed 'buying-out' the charges before, I think it only appropriate to be able to demonstrate at least what is appearing to be a typical past that seems to be following MJ around.
  3. yes but the law is based on prior CONVICTIONS not prior CHARGES. If you allow this, then it opens the door to people being tried on ACCUSATIONS that didn't result in a conviction.

    That's like being charged/accused of something you didn't do. But because the court now allows this, a jury can be prejudiced towards a guilty plea. That is NOT a fair trial by any means.

    CONVICTIONS should be used to show a pattern not CHARGES. This is just an attempt to do an end run around the law because of a personal vendetta. Sneddon is not thinking about the welfare of all children he's just thinking how can he convict MJ? By any means necessary, i guess.
    Why he's saying MJ exploited children he's trying to exploit the law for a personal, spiteful victory. It's a clear ploy.

    peace and respect
  4. Bleys

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    I wasn't aware that the hearing on the admissibility of prior allegations had even taken place yet - let alone been approved.

    Details man - I need more details.

  5. JcMinJapan

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    Actually, the judge is supposed to rule on this sometime this week. But, yes, the prosecution wants to bring it up in this trial.
  6. Bleys

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    That's what I thought - not even an issue for the defense to get their panties in a bunch about yet. I'd be interested in seeing the briefs filed with the courts on this prior to oral arguments.

    If anyone finds 'em - post 'em.


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    Well," I hope for our judicial standpoint that they won't let Michael Jackson get away with this".Now the parents should of known better which I think they did and condoned the actions for a quick pay off.I think M ichael knows he's guilty thats why he hasn't been feeling well.I think it's psychosomadic.
  8. JcMinJapan

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    Well, I for one am not jumping to any conclusions on this one. I would suggest others do the same. This has been a very interesting trial and both sides seem screwed up.
  9. mscbkc070904

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    I dont think, IMO, that both sides are screwed up, I think MJ is. I am so sick and tired of hearing about him. Just like the OJ case. I mean come on, how many times is MJ going to go to court for the same charges, and MOST disturbing thing is: WHAT IDIOTS WOULD LET THEIR CHILD OR ANY CHILD GO THERE AFTER THE FIRST TIME IT WAS BROUGHT UP TO BEGIN WITH, HELLO?!?!?!?!

    MENGUARD New Member

    If thier is evidence to this case that shows proof beyond a shadow of doubt and he get's away with it."THEN THIS SHOWS WHAT A JOKE OUR JUDICIAL SYSTEM IS".
  11. Bleys

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    :yes: I've heard more than a few people note that regardless of Jackson's guilt - the mother should be shot for allowing her child to be there when he been accused of this before. Wink, wink, nod, nod - prostitute your child for a nice settlement.

    Sick and wrong - even if nothing actually happened.

  12. JcMinJapan

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    Basically, it boils down to money. Bleys, you are right about the mother... either way, she is 100% guilty herself. I think she should personally be brought up on charges either way... if guilty for allowing this to obviously happen. If innocent, using her kids and situation to gain money.......

    But, people will do anything to make someone famous look bad if they think they can get money..... this family has done it in the past and would not be suprised if they did it again this time. But, if it did happen, now they are like the boy that cried wolf....... Money does strange things to people........ very sad in a way. And yes, both sides are screwed up......

    I am not sure why you people jump to conclusions either way, especially, when we only get to hear parts of the court proceedings. Of course, the TV and news only put out the juicy stuff and the boring, but critical information is left on the back burners. We as an audience are really in no way able to make a judgement in these cases. The news loves publicity and this is all it is for them.

    Most of beliefs are based on if you like Michael Jackson or not. Also, it is based on believing people only and both sides are on the shady side of trustability in this case.
  13. i think the number times we're gonna hear about MJ may be directly tied to how many times somebody wants to get paid off. Simple math.
  14. Mark

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    Well it looks like they ruled to allow the prior charges to be presented,... although they did stop short of allowing the actual amount of the payoff to be admissed.

    It musta been a bunch of money. :o

    But I myself am glad to see the old charges under the old law to be allowed in this trial.
  15. Mark

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    Didnt you just contradict yourself JC?

    The trial,.. the media,.. and even the public's reaction's are getting very comical.
  16. JcMinJapan

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    Yeah, well.... except for the fact that both sides are screwed up.. Is seperate from the guilty or innocence facts.... :lol::lol:

    But, this is getting better and better with each day. This is a soap opera in itself! I think better than anything the soap writers could ever put on the tube... ha ha

    Very comical, I am sure their will be book deals and movies after this one for all sides...... They will all cash in no matter..... ;)