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    Mesquite is used bt the Indians to treat a wide variety of ailments! There are tons of plants used to reat many things. I am hoping that in this Botony Section, I will be able to identify many of them. It will be a great reference possibly for someone in the future.

    Here are the remedies:

    A tea made from the bark or dried leaves of mesquite is commonly used to treat bladder infections.

    The black gum nodes, boiled into a liquid, relieve the symptoms of chapped lips, rashes and sunburn.

    Those same black nodes are also placed on sore gums of an Indian baby to ease the pain of teething. Caution: Use sparingly, because that same black gum is also used as a laxative!

    Dried mesquite leaves are ground into a powder. Water is added and the mixture is used as an eye wash for sore eyes and pinkeye.

    The inner yellow sap wood induces vomiting

    Thanks to Arizona Cactus for this information.
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    Well, if mesquite were an hallucinogen or narcotic. You'd be relating how it was almost extinct and there were efforts going on to save it. :lol:

    On the range it is considered a fire hazard, a water user, and $millions are spent each year to tear it out and burn it.