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    It took me about 7-9 minutes to fully memorize one deck of a card (52 cards). The order it was in. And I
    can play them out one by one placing it on the table without looking at the cards.

    I cannot remember the TYPE of cards (such as Spade, Heart, Diamon, Club). But I can remember the kind
    of cards (such as Ace, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, J, Q, K). If I were to try and memorize the TYPE of cards,
    it wil probably take me 20-35 minutes, that's just an estimate cause I haven't try it yet. I will try it
    when I can memorize the kind of cards in 2-3 minutes.

    I've seen one man on TV, who not only can memorize the kind of card, but the TYPE of cards also. He did it
    in about 2-3 minutes. I found that amazing!! He practices alot.

    The method of course is association. He associated each card with a person he know, or someone famous. There
    are 52 cards, therefore he know 52 famous people.

    He then pick up a card and try to create a story in his head. Let's assume that J = George Bush. When he
    pick up that card he will create a scenario in his head (a story) where he met GBush, then he pick up another
    card and try to link that card to the story that he was creating in his mind. The result is that he have
    created a journey in his memory where he met each person face to face.

    To recall the card the order it was in, he simply recall the person he met (the order he met them).

    You can actually turn this into a magic trick and knock your friend off his chair! Here's how: Remember the
    deck of card ahead of time. Do not shuffle it. Give the deck to your friend and ask him to write the order it was
    in on his paper. Then ask him to shuffle the deck and give it back to you. You will then pretend to be god and
    try to reorder the card and give it back to him to compare with his paper.

    This is how powerful association is. It's the method that I use to remember the alphabet (its number, for
    example, z = 26, m = 13, f = 6 ect...)

    here's my name in number: 20, 1, 2, 12, 5, 20 (just typed it off my head) The reason I try to memorize the
    alphabet number is to increase my speed of decoding occult signature. (McDonald, the big M = 13 and so on.)
    And to remember numbers (just convert it to letters and remmeber the letters instead of the number). For
    example, 18352374485


    What's your method for remembering things? How do you go about remembering what to brings to school or
    work the next day?
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    I do some sort of association . With phone numbers I commit the first 3 to memory and then devise some kind of mathematical pattern from them for the next 4 , or I dial them repeatedly til I see the pattern they make on the phone .

    With spanish words I try to form a sentence with a similar english word combined with a definition . For example Por Que' means "why ?" My sentence for this one was " WHY are you so fat pork ay?" not to PC but it is not spoken out loud .

    I use alot of measurements at work and if I don't have a pencil handy , I will repeat them out loud several times as I walk to the cut station , and by the time I have the material set up the numbers just rattle off my tongue .

    My uncle is awesome at counting cards (in respect to remembering what he has seen ) He cleans up at the blackjack tables with single and double decks . He is just a natural .
  3. Icewolf

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    When I remember anything I just use association with a big building and link each room in the building with a card.

    If i was doing a deck of cards then Id use the four floors for the types of card.

    When remembering I pretend I'm running errands for my boss all over the building and voila I have memorised it.

    Trust me in real life, you would hate to meet my boss if you forgot one of those tasks in that building, lol.
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    I have heard that flat memorizing (like not making a story, just memorizing the cards) you cannot practice to improve upon. They did a test at a school (have to find the book, ill edit it in when i do) where students would be given a list of dates to study, then given a test about 45 min later. 1/3 of the students practiced flat memorizing, 1/3 did not prepare at all, and the other 1/3 practiced memorizing using the story technique. Then they were all given the list of dates, then given the test. the students who didnt study and the students who practiced flat memorizing got about the same amount right, while the ones who practiced with the other technique did much better.

    EDIT: this test was done in 1927 and there were 187 students who particpated. Unfortunatly the book does not have any more information. (The Brain Explorer by Pat Murphy, Ellen Klages, Pearl Tesler, and Linda Shore)
  5. tablet

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    What's your comment on a new technology that you can carry around with you and take snapshot of everything
    you see. In other word, your auto-diary. The company that created this new technology is Microsoft.

    This way, you don't have to remember anything. No need to associate. The tool will do all the work, all the
    remembering for you. It record places you been to things you pick up and so forth. And later you can replay
    it all over.

    What's your take on this?
  6. pineappleupsidedown

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    Lol, yeah, i think its funny.

    I dont like the concept of this new camera or whatever it is. We are already too dependant on machines, now we would be dependant on them to remember what we ate for breakfast? I hope i dont live to see the day.