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    To all Members,

    I would like to say, for those who do read the threads in this section of the forum, Thank You. I know I have been posting them lately, sort of just picked it up from JC since he has been busy with work.

    This section of the forum is a great informative piece. If you read you will find some interesting historical facts. I do take out some things that I dont IMO really important, like who married who, what countries scored cricket points against who, etc. But some of the facts in here are interesting, for example:

    - Inventions that now affect us today and who found it
    - Certain events that led to WWI, WWII and other wars
    - Space race events
    - US History - how the US came about and laws created
    - World History of events that shaped countries to where they are today and what countries occupied them or establish claim prior to them being independent.

    This is really good for students taking history, sort of gives you an upper hand to something you may learn later in class or already learned.

    And for those who just read to know more, gives you that extra KB of info to store in your expanding mind and feeds that hunger for knowledge.

    Thank you all for taking the time to read this. Please do comment or if something interest you and you decide to expand more on it, post it under that date, help others to learn more.

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    For those who read this, thank you very much! Much appreciative.
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    It's definately alot of work you put into this! I know this section is the hardest one. We once had a talk about this in the chat. Where each member pick their date of birth and research heavily on it and then post the result here in this section.

    IF we have 365 members each borned on a different day and each just research on the day they were borned in. Me for instance, Saturday 28. I would dig up everything that happened on Saturday 28 through out history then I post my result.

    IF we all do this, this section will be done in no time.

    I know this is out of topic but I decided to put in here

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    Thank you Tablet, I enjoy doing cause I learn more about history when I do it. Just wish there was a little more participation, but maybe that will change down the road, even a "Did you know" about a certain event is good to know as well. And when you get replies and the thread is near the top grabs members attention to read it cause something is being stated in there of interest. EDUCATE and EXPAND! Knowledge is power!