Metaphysics Meditation... Does It Really Help?

Discussion in 'Metaphysics' started by secondmessiah, Mar 21, 2005.

  1. secondmessiah

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    well i have heard from a few websites which i forgot that meditation actully helps your body and like improves your health is it true?it doesnt make any real sense you just sit there all day all night without thinking.
  2. Bleys

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    I enjoy meditating for 20 - 30 minutes each day. It clears my mind and helps me relax and unwind after a day at the office. All the stress, all the tension is relieved simply by spending a few minutes of meditation. I find I get sick a lot less and I have fewer headaches. Everyone needs a little "me" time to decompress from their day - I highly recommend it for anyone who is feeling overwhelmed. If you have trouble meditating - get a manicure/take a bubble bath/listen to some music - the provide the same benefits meditation does.

  3. oddtodd

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    Go rent "What The *bleep* Do We Know" , I just watched it last night , apparently we can control our own well being and destiny ,

    Meditation certainly helps , I think the good intentioms behind prayer also can help when it is not self serving .

    Lots of energy to tap into out there ....

  4. overrocked

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    Just make sure the air you're breathing isn't CO2 from traffic -or if you happen to be in a certain church in Detroit

    Maybe it's just me, but I get a real energy boost from meditating- I think it's because the deep breathing helps my energy level-

    The power of the mind, the spirt, and the body - it's all interconnected- you can take a placebo if you wish- as long as you believe and pray that it works
  5. oddtodd

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    "What The *bleep*Do We Know ?"
  6. Mizar

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    Meditation helps me a good bit. I use it to solve some big decisions in my life. I will clear my mind calm down and focus on absloutly nothing then ask the question bothering me and let my mind go. All my mind focusing on one problem when it gets too complex I will clear my mind again and start over. It works well. It also helps gain
    1, self control
    2, peace of mind
    3, thinking power

    and a few other things.

    I really benifit when I do it,:up:
  7. Ape

    Ape Premium Member

    For me it's the time before I go to bed. I turn the TV off and turn on some calming music while tring to go to bed I think of well anything that comes to mind. Is that considered meditating?
  8. Mizar

    Mizar Premium Member

    Id say its a form of it maybe not 100% true meditation but still some form.
  9. Ape

    Ape Premium Member

    srry to change the subject quick and I dont' want to be nosy but what was ur experiment in New York Mizar?
  10. Mizar

    Mizar Premium Member

    I went to new york for a relgious retreat, that wasn't my experiment.

    My experiment was this

    Remove myself from anything that can distract me IE. television, raido, my computer. And give my self a greater sense of self control. In the course of which I forced myself to do what had to be done and not what wanted to be done and I accomplished a good ammount of work. Now I can tell myself "OK thats too much time to do some reading/ cleaning/ homework" etc...
    Having control overyourself imporves the quality of life a good bit. I also allowed me to develop a sense of dependncy upon my self. I was not dependnt on my computer or tv or raido for news but had to read it or search for it if I wanted it. I was not dependent on anything but me. so thats what I was trying to accomplish.
  11. Ape

    Ape Premium Member

    wow now theres something to think about. What gave u the idea?
  12. Mizar

    Mizar Premium Member

    I was meditating one night on a way to get rid of my laziness to work on important matters and uh yea that Idea came to me, I;ve done fasting with food many times to build self control but never tried a material fast....

    it worked well. exceot for the fact that I should be asleep now and not typeing this :lol::roll: