Zoology Mastiff breaks world record gives birth to 24 puppies

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    A mastiff dog is set to break a world record after giving birth to a litter of 24 puppies.
    Breeders Damian Ward and his girlfriend Anne Kellegher, from Manea, Cambs, had only been expecting two-year-old Tia to give birth to 10.

    Unfortunately, four of the pups have now died, but the remaining pups - which are now seven weeks old - are thought to be worth about £1,000 each.

    A Guinness World Records spokesman said the current record stands at 23.

    Mr Ward said: "She certainly surprised us. When she went in for the caesarean I thought we would lose her and the pups.

    "I was in shock for about two weeks. I was just a feeding robot."

    When fully grown the dogs will stand more than 2ft tall and weigh up to 13 stones.

    Tia's achievement is now likely to set two new records in the Guinness World Records - that of the biggest litter and that of the most surviving puppies.

    Guinness World Records spokesman Sam Knight said: "The current record is 23 so we will be making contact with the owners.

    "If it is true that the dog has given birth to 24 puppies than it will be a new world record."

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    Nice post. Mastiffs are certainly a rugged, strong breed - all the more able to handle the stress of carrying that many pups to term.

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    Litter size is roughly tied to breed size, I wonder what the average Neo Mastiff litter is? Twenty-four...good grief! I wonder how many litters the dog has had, if this wasn't her first? The article said she was two, most responsible breeders don't use younger dogs than that, especially large, slow-maturing breeds.
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    I heard on the news it was her first litter and now the woman is afraid to breed here again, but possibly the gene of large litters may be spread onto the newborns. Avg mastiff litter is 15-17.