News @ ID Martha Stewart: Justice Served?

Discussion in 'News @ ID' started by JcMinJapan, Nov 23, 2004.

  1. JcMinJapan

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    Ok, she got caught and got convicted. She is in "prison" for 5 months. Ok, she has said that it reminds her of her college dorm, when she was asked about it. Ok, now I read this below:

    Ok, from this she will make a profit much larger than this conviction will teach her. She will make a profit on this, she has time to write, she is only serving 5 months on something you and I would be put away for a few years on, and it feels like her college dorm. Has justice been served? It just does not seem like it to me. This conviction will only help her sell more books in a few months. The prison system in the US should be made more demanding and they should be made to work, get up early, and not be a walk in the park with alot of free time to do whatever they want. In Japan, there is very little FREEDOMS in prison. They are woken up at the crack of dawn, made to exercise, made to work, and then put back in their cells. Criminals do not like to go back to prison in Japan as there is alot of work and hardly any free-time. She is not having to think about how she screwed up, but just have to write from a different location. Although, being in prison, she will be writing about prison life, so she is actually able to be in a location that will help her write. There is no justice here, just another best seller by a good marketer.
  2. helenheaven

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    before you know it all US prisons will have Laura Ashley curtains....
  3. oddtodd

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    I was thinking "poor Martha" for a while thinking she was being made an example of ... I was only considering how much she "saved" by unloading her stock but then realized that she sold the stock to anyone who would buy them without concern for the anonomous "patsys" she took advantage of . What if some little old lady lost her life savings from buying a bunch of lemon stock from Martha a few hours before prices dropped ? Does she or anyone else get a refund ? No they dont .

    The big boys (and girls) play games that affect peoples lives , and I hope the Enron crew all get a nice comfy cot to share .

    No justice here , the media did not even acknowledge this side of Martha's crime to the public , she screwed over many people without a second thought and will lie about this to her dying day... she must have friends in high places !
  4. JcMinJapan

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    Of course, that is why she is in her "college dorm" for only 5 months. ;) She is an actress and has everyone saying "OOOOH, Poor Martha". The fact is, she screwed up. Now, does that take away from everything that she has accomplished? NO. For "image", she does not want to say she is guilty. That is the simple straight fact. She got caught, just admit it and move on. but, it will not sell as many books when she gets out! :mad:

    When she is released, I am sure she will be making more money than before as she will have LOYAL viewers supporting here.

    Yes, you are right, someone had to buy those stocks that crashed. They got screwed and they will get nothing.

    Martha is a business woman that has crafted and sculpted her image. Her image is her business. That is where she makes the money. Who could not do the stuff that she does? It is simple, but .... she has crafted this image of being the "expert". All it is, is business. We must not forget that. The events have all been crafted to reduce the most damage after getting caught. She still makes a ton of money every day, she still has her PR going on (that is why she is in MSNBC), and that is why she will profit from this when she gets out. A salvaged image and great PR.
  5. helenheaven

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    Personally, I always found Martha Stewart quite repulsive. I don't need anyone dictating to me the "proper" way to furnish my home, or "etiquette," ...good taste is just don't need anyone preaching to you. She is just another crafty business person without scruples.

    She should be locked up for 10 years on laura ashley curtains alone
  6. JcMinJapan

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    Yep, it is all business. If she did not make money at it, she would not do it. She would have found another niche.

    But, I think that there should not be a difference in lawyers. I personally feel that if you get a high paid lawyer, then you always get just a slap on the hand, the rest of the people that cannot afford them get the full punishments. They should just get rid of PROFESSIONAL lawyers and only be able to use public defenders. That would be fair for ALL people being sued.
  7. oddtodd

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    OOOOOOO , good idea !! Imagine a fair justice system !!!
  8. JcMinJapan

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    What is prison for her? This is just a chance to concentrate for 5 months making new deals now that she is popular and got tons of free advertising. I think the prison system should be overhauled and people like her should not be allowed to do business from jail. This is supposed to be a punishment! This sentence is absolutely nothing and a mockery of true justice! I for one feel that justice even though served has done nothing and amounts to nothing. :mad:
  9. Zsandmann

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    She cheated the stock market, she lied, she got caught. Now she needs to do the time. I really hate the double standard we have, the rich go to resort prison while petty theives and people with a personal use quantity drug possession get hard time in the dankest pen in the cell block.

    Prison showers, 'It's a good thing'
  10. JcMinJapan

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    Here, read this... enough said already. Not allowed to do business while in prison... YEAH RIGHT! :lol: JUSTICE SERVED... NOT!!!!! Wow, tons of free adversiting.. probably billions of dollars worth. she only had to cheat a few out of money to get all this free advertising.

  11. She was made an example, but she seems to act alot like the rest of the corporate world. My profits first yours next. If you lose then you lose. White collared crime seems to be looked over differently than blue. Why? Because the victims are not as readily seen. If a thug beats an old woman to death after he breaks into her house he gets caught we say, man he deserves death, or what ever your beliefs are. Martha Stewart and the rest of white collared criminals are on the average more damaging and cause greater hurt than a thug,because they hurt more people maybe not by physical pain but financially. Those people who lost there life savings lost most if not all of the friuts of there work and life. She was already set for life no matter what her stocks did. She is only one person. How many nameless people lost that we didnt even hear about? How many people have to lose so that others may have. I dont expect everyone to have the same. At the same time people should be accountable for there actions rich or poor. Good luck to our country on that.:shk:
  12. JcMinJapan

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    I totally agree! She is now calling for court reform for first time offenders!!!! Wow, she is getting publicity for everything now! She will play up the advertising prospects every week until she is released. She has the money for high paid lawyers to get her conviction overturned. She only wants it to keep her name in the papers! I really did not have a thought about her one way or another before this trial or even up till the last few months. But, seeing how she is USING the system for her advantage now, I have lost all respect.
  13. bodebliss

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    It's not just Martha Stewart. I would like to expand this treatise to the whole corporate environment.

    Exon, Enron, the company that runs 3 Mile Island, the companies that filled the Love Canal w/ toxic waste and walked away, Haliburton, and a pack of others who have stolen trillions of dollars from our future.

    There was the relaxation of lending and the old boy network of borrow and forget w/ the ensuing 750 billion bail-out by the taxpayer. No one was prosecuted to the full.

    There is the shame of the government collusion w/ thieves in the Cobell vs. Norton case where every president of the last 116 years has had his hand in stealing billions from Individual Indian Trust fund recipients.

    Bush family is the latest installment in an evil chapter of human history. His family fortune came directly from colluding w/ the Nazis during WWII. This Bush has stolen trillions already and now he's set his sights on the SS trust fund. Experts say it should have no problems till 2058. Why does he want to dismantle it? The reason is to make money flow to his cronies in a half baked scheme to steal more and more money. Greed is destroying every aspect of every institution in America.

    Bush talks family values from a Pharisee Christian point of view and no one notices that all he is doing, War on Terror, and a myriad of other issues is a smoke screen for thievery.

    Wake Up! Please Wake Up!
  14. pineappleupsidedown

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    HAHAHA! that one made me laugh OddTodd.

    I can't believe she actually thinks she could be any better off than living in a college dorm for 5 months over that much money!

    Course, she probably is only doing it for the attention, forget wiether or not she wins.

  15. marg6043

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    the woman is a business women and she will profit from her jail time, that is why she has million and most of us just dream about it, because she uses her situation and make it work for her benefit.

    I think she is great.
  16. JcMinJapan

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    Yeah Marg... I say screw being honest, respectful, and caring for others! As long as you make a quick buck and become famous and use the system to your advantage.. Who cares? Why not respect that? :D After all, when we die it really looks good on your resume... ha ha ha ha
  17. marg6043

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    Well if has noticed most successful business people are not very caring, loving or take others people's feelings in consideration.

    The will step over you just to get their profit.

    And if we are going to be in earth for sometime, hey is nothing wrong to make it as comfortable and "rich" as we can.

    After all when we die not even the clothes we have on we take with us.

    So lets enjoy as long as we are in this earth and can make a profit from others.:lol:
  18. bodebliss

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    Does that give me a green light to sell drugs to elementary school kids?
  19. Mizar

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    I think marge is saying that it may not be Right to do these things but its how its has been done in the past to reach riches. If you want to get rich and you are not afrid of the concience problems of selling drugs to a school kid then not much is stoping you. But it still doesnt mean its Right. I think thats what marge is saying.
  20. pineappleupsidedown

    pineappleupsidedown Premium Member

    I think she was being sarcastic