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Discussion in 'Astronomy' started by Mizar, Dec 22, 2004.

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    About 3 weeks ago the Mars rover Oppertunity had its solar pannels "Cleaned" and its wattage output jumped 300 Watthours. I have heard more about this story than any other Mars ROver headline! AND THIS HAS A:MOST NO SCIENTIFIC VALUE!!!!! Except for trying to understand what did it which is almost impossible now. The rovers had have some amazing developments on mars and yet thoes get little headlines. The finding of hematite and sigunature traces of water on mars Got little meida. Even today's newest ROver news about the MARTAIN CLOUDS has only been spoted on 2 plces by me. Is it just that people care more about what could be consparicy and don't really care for real science. Or that people just don't care and want to hear the cute things that happen!??!?! :mad:
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    Don't hit me but I have to admit the mystery of the solar panels is rather intriguing - not necessarily from a conspirace standpoint but more of a "who/whatdunit."

    Do you remember the early coverage of the rover missions - 24/7, biggest PR boost NASA had in years. Then nothing. Miles O'Brien a reporter at CNN (who you can tell loves all things space) was reduced to the "mars minute" once a day on CNN after the first month.

    How can you possibly present all mission aspects in one minute?

    Thank goodness for the internet and NASA channel on satellite or you'd have to ask "are the rovers still working?"