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Discussion in 'Astronomy' started by tablet, Mar 17, 2005.

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    I'm sure this will be an interesting debate for our first one. What do you think Z? Should we colonized Mars?
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    The know there are life forms on earth that will survive on Mars and at the same time produce oxygen to strengthen the Ozone and atmosphere on Mars. The problem with us sending them there is we want to know for sure if there is life there. That discovery is enough to make us wait. Like they said its not a matter of "IF" its a matter of "WHEN"
    I am confident we WILL go to mars in the next 50 years and have bases on there in the next century. by 2100 we will be on mars and the moon and maybe elsewhere.

    The plan for mars I'v always liked was the Idea to pollute the planet. By doing so the greenhouse effect will heat it up and over say 15 years of MAJOR pollution you can get maybe temp high enough to melt water. Also something to consider is the preassure on mars is different than on earth so water will melt at a different temp. Once it gets warmed up we can put plants there in UV protection greenhouses and then ... Let your imagination run wild. With the incrased temp and water you could have a perty blue star in the sky in 200 years insteead of the briliant orange you see.
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    It will never be more than a temporary assignment for those humans who want to keep their current shape. Life on a foreign planet will change human physiology in ways we can't even imagine. Maybe you should work up something on that. I'm sure some won't mind turning into squat 1 1/2 foot tall individuals with big heads to accomodate colonization, but most won't, and those that become colonists will not be able to return to Earth w/o special equipment.