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Discussion in 'News @ ID' started by Bleys, Jan 5, 2005.

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    Note: I know this has been posted at ATS but I wanted to include it here for a discussion of the facts from a non-conspiratorial point of view.

    David Banach has been charged under the Patriot Act for interfering with the operator of a mass transportation vehicle and making false statements to the FBI. The FBI noted that although Mr. Banach's act is not terrorism related it was "foolhardy and negligent."

    Mr. Banach claims that he and his daughter were simply looking at stars and did not mean to direct the laser at the plane or the helicopter.

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    My opinion of the Patriot Act was that it was an important piece of temporary legislation and that it should be used only in cases of true terrorist threat or actions. Any - I repeat any - attempts to use it inappropriately or for purposes other than it was designed should be immediately be shouted down and the Act terminated.

    Well my friends the Patriot Act is now going to used to prosecute a "moron" for what the FBI even acknowledges it is not terrorist related. Yes the guy's an idiot, but IMO the Feds are misuing their power under the Act and need to be called on it. If this man is sucessfully prosecuted - I fear what will be next.

    Am I overreacting? Is the charge appropriate? Tell me how I've got this wrong.

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    It's just the begining. Someday you may not even be considered a citizen in your own country. This is the way Bush is heading. They have let 20 million mexicans in in 4 amnesties in 30 years. Bush wants to let in 10 million more in an amnesty, and let 5 million a year come across the border for temp employment. He has an idea of letting 60,000 more highly educated low pay temp professionals. His tax cut favored the rich. His tax incentives favor exporting jobs, and he is about to make a grab on civil liberties and trillions in retirement money. What's new?
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    Anyone here have a copy of the Patriot Act? I really want to look into this so called "Act". I heard that in there there's a section that define terrorism and we all fits that definition that was described. By that definition I am a Terrorist so is the man who point the laser at the Aircraft.

    Bleys, is this the first case of Patriot Act in the medias? I haven't follow news lately. :(

    Edit: Just did a quick search, looks like it have been going on...

    Alleged abuses under the PATRIOT Act

    o In Las Vegas, police used a FISA warrant to monitor the activities of a strip club owner.
    o The FBI ordered all journalists that have ever written about computer hacker, Adrian Lamo, to turn over their information under the auspices of the Patriot Act.
    o Beyond the above examples, in September 2003, the New York Times reported that a study by Congress showed hundreds of cases where the Patriot Act was used to investigate non-terrorist crimes.
    o In April, 2004, a Muslim Idaho man went on trial on charges of supporting terrorism by maintaining some web sites (among many he assisted) that supported violent activities. This type of "guilt by association" was resurrected by the 1996 "anti-terrorism" act signed by President Clinton, but was further expanded under the Patriot Act.
    o In May 2004, the FBI cordoned off the entire block of a University of Buffalo associate art professor's house, impounding his computers, manuscripts, books, equipment for further analysis and The Buffalo Health Department temporarily condemned the house as a health risk after suspicious vials and bacterial cultures were discovered at his home. The professor, whose art involves the use of biology equipment as part of a project educating the public about the politics of biotechnology was charged with violations under the Section 175 of the MPAA directed the FBI to obtain records from the site's Internet service provider about the site under the USA Patriot Act

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    The Patriot Act is not about finding terrorist , but about instilling fear of the Republican party. I was listening to a debate about the changes in rules in the 109th congress and they favor disenfranchising the right of the opposition to see what the Republicans are doing and is against the constitution. I think the republicans are not only right wing , but fascist as well.
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    I completely agree with BLEYS and am very concerned about how this could lead to more and more instances of this type of abuse sheltered under the Patriot Act.
    The problem here is that a few narrowminded decision makers are trying to set an example of an Idiot. It would be more appropriate to make an example out of legitimate terroristic behavior/activities.

    Also---- I predict in a short period it will be the right wing republicans of radio who raise enough hell to bring some common sense to the individuals in charge of prosecuting the lazer goober.......... and he will be lessor charged or not at all.

    Republicans and Democrats architected the Patriot Act and we need it. But it needs a sunset clause to be revised every year.

    Thanks for shopping
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    Sometime you have to be strict to teach a child a lesson. Since we're fighting with terrorist we should not take any chance. This is the time to be strict, this is the only way to teach those that support terrorism that they have nowhere to hide and that act of voilent is not accepted. The Patriot Act will do justice. I believe it should be implemented in all country and continent. I know we will lose abit of freedom, but it's necessary.

    The above abuses I wouldn't say they're abuse at all. I would say Patriot Act in practice and it's training the FBI and who know who. So that later the real terrorist can be capture. We are in 2005, the Patriot Act is needed. I believe the USA governemnt did the right thing of releasing this patriot act and I don't think we should lift it, leave it the way it is. Let's train mankind that voilent and act against human right is not accepted in this day and age! Terrorist lives among us. Since we can't identify them, strict is the key.
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    tablet - I see your point and it was echoed by several people I discussed this with at work today. Most believe that, in general, the US has been very careful in it's use of the Pat. Act.

    But it doesn't change my opinion on the application in this case. In using it to charge an incredibly stupid and careless man they (being the Feds) have opened the Patriot Act to two possibilities:

    1) The Courts will rip the Act to shreds. Which is very possible given decisions made with respect to actual terrorists like Hamdi and other "detainees." In which case we will have lost a valuable tool in preventing terroristm, just because someone had to go and misuse it.


    2) The Courts do nothing and it opens the door for a more liberal interpetation of the Act and we see average citizens coming under the Feds scrutiny for unpopular speech, beliefs or other rights guaranteed under the constitution.

    It's just my opinion but the Patriot Act should only be used in cases of ACTUAL TERRORISM - anything else has the potential of disaster, regardless of whether you agree with the Act or not.


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  8. Icewolf

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    Well from my modern studies class, i found a halfway road in this discussion, The freedom of speech will defend the average citizen from coming under fire for what they say, and i'm not quite sure about the constitution, i know scottish law better, but i think your allowed to demonstarte peacefully like you are in Scotland, so your average citizen should be pretty safe from the more liberal use of this act. Remember the government is responsible to the people not the other way round, and if my american history is correct then the decleration of independance allows americans to remove faulty governments, not that that would ever happen, but it shows the degree to which the government is neglegable if anything were to go wrong.
  9. bodebliss

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    yeah, they want to enforce the patriot act against some guy showing off harmlessly to his kid, and let millions of unknowables cross our borders w/ impunity carrying god knows what to do god knows what.

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  10. tablet

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    He's a terrorist because the Patriot Act says so. He's doing harm, even though it didn't harm anyone. And since terrorist are invisible and lives among us, the only way to show them that they're not accepted in this society is to do it to our own people. Proxy.

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  11. bodebliss

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    I like that line of thought Tablet.

    Next thing you know they'll just single out an average person and beat that person Rodney King style as an example to all the criminals they can't seem to catch.
  12. Icewolf

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    Wait a minute. . . don't they already do that?
  13. tablet

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    Here's how I see it, since there's soo many of us and terrorist can't be identify with our current technology the only way is to divide and conquer. So by beating on our people, maybe the terrorist will start to see it and feel sorry for our people and surrender. IF that doesn't work, then we will have to sacrifice a few of our people and soon or later our people will slowly vanish and the terrorist will surface. Then the government can really punish those terrorist.