Earth Science Major Caribbean earthquakes and tsunamis a real risk

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    Althought this is about 2 months old I didnt see it posted anywhere on ID. But I thought it would be of interest to read and when you do, makes you think, is it about that time? Plus gives a little bit of education about tetonic plates.

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    so does oil drilling exploration only mess with the dolphins- or does it excite the activity of the plates on the ocean floor?

    This article says that 200 dB airguns every 10 seconds go off 10 meters below the surface for 2 weeks if the weather permits. In the Gulf of Mexico, Australia, S. America, N. Sea and Beauford Sea- where there has been a lot of earthquake activity recently- How many of these exploration rigs are there? How many are in operation currently?
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    Here is the NRDC website on seaports and drilling info report

    I have searched and searched for a number of oil rigs that are operational and i am coming up dry. Most of the info i tried to find as a total collective you have to have a log in/pword and be part of a oil company to obtain the info. I have found databases, same thing must have a valid login, tried one of them, but I need the name of the oil or marine company I work for to do it.

    But from what I gathered there are like over 100,000 wells dug worldwide and its not just oil they go for, there are other deposits they drill for other resources. As far as geological, havent found anything yet to compare that to possibly offsetting shifting seafloor.
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    Trust me airguns wont create any more seismic activity than an airplane taking off. Now in some places injection pumps have caused minor earthquakes. Injection pumps are designed to blast high pressure water into the ground so that it forces gas or petroleum or whatever up an adjacent well. If the waters overpressure a fault there can be mild displacement and a small earthquake, but no petroleum mining in the Gulf wont set off a enormous earthquake.
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