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Discussion in 'Astronomy' started by yourdementia, Mar 5, 2005.

  1. yourdementia

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    After chatting with a very good friend for a few hours we got talking about the lunar landings.he believes that they are totally fake and put the whole thing down to conspiracy theory and would not believe other wise. Just wondering what are the views on this with you guys n gals. Do you believe it or not ?
  2. CyberKat6

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    I don't know. I just got done posting a question very similar to your's, right before I noticed that there was already a thread started about it.

    I guess that means, though, that I must really have heard or read something to cause me to doubt something that I have believed ever since I was in grade school, which was that there was an Apollo 13 that went and took Neil Armstrong.

    Since you already posed the same question, maybe there is something to the hoax theory. I basically wanted also to know what other people thought.

    Well, the Mods will probably close my thread and send any other repliers to your.

    Let's see what we find out.:o
  3. tablet

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    ID focus more on educational topic. Like physics/math/science.

    Things like this have no concrete avidence both for and against thus by talking about it would be consider conspiracy. And just because we don't discuss it here doesn't mean it's not real or true. It simply means that this place is not the right place to talk about it. I'm sure if you ask this on ATS you'll have hundreds of reply.

    I personally don't believe that we landed on the moon. BUT Let's not go there. This place will become ATS if we do.
  4. bodebliss

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    I agree with Tablet. This is not a conspiracy site.

    This is a science site for the most part. It would be silly to believe that we did not land on the Moon.

    If you believe we did not land on the Moon . You might as well believe we don't have missles or rockets at all and any space news is a hoax.