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    Wow, this was a hard one to pick which category to put it in. It seems to deal with a few subject areas, but this one is the best. It is so amazing that we see things that are not real. After all, our eyes just give a LIGHT representation of an object. I think light from the light photons right? Sight has always intruiged me. I wonder if there are other ways to "view" the world. hmm. Well, here is a great example of our we are decieved. BTW: I have always wondered this question.. Do we see with our eyes, or does our brain create the image of what our eyes are pointing at and we just assume it is coming from our eyes? So, do we SEE from our eyes or brain? I mean where does the actual picture come from. I know about the eyes getting the light and the brain making it into the picture and such, but I mean the ACTUAL PICTURE.

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    yeah, another illusions from the moon is the one where it follows you in a car.

    There are different ways to view our world. Inferred light and Ultraviolent light can be seen by other animals, and we have cameras that can show us how plants look to us vs. an animal that can see ultraviolet light (i.e. a bee)

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    here is another neat light phenomena

    Sky and Telescope mag. November 2004 issue