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Discussion in 'Puzzles & Games' started by Icewolf, Dec 9, 2004.

  1. Icewolf

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    Congrats Gopher, but I'd love to know how you figured that one out?
  2. Gopher

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    Thanks Icewolf! The main reason was that a lot of people asked the right questions throughout the game to help narrow down the location and person.

    Once the location was narrowed down to Illinois there were only about 8 or 9 counties left to choose in Western Central Illinois. Most of the counties had a small urban area so it became a matter of narrowing down the possibilities to the right county with each question.

    After figuring out the right county, Galesburg is the largest urban area in Knox County, Illinois. From here, I did a little investigating into possible businesses with more than 100 employees that would have a plumber and allow visiting. This list was only about 3 or 4 names long with a couple of colleges and a prison. I stumbled across the Knox College staff directory and found they had a Mark Totten listed as a plumber.

    Feel free to U2U me if you need more details or have any questions.

    For future reference:

    Great USA Atlas - I used this a lot.
  3. helenheaven

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    Congrats Gopher

    That was amazingly well done !

  4. tablet

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    You know, I though Gopher watched TV commercial of a white family trying to dig a hole on the ground and entered it that brings them to China. I think that's what Gopher did, but instead of going to China, he went straigh to the plumber house! :0