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Discussion in 'Metaphysics' started by helenheaven, Oct 10, 2004.

  1. helenheaven

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    Is it better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all ?
  2. pineappleupsidedown

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    Thats a really hard one to answer. I'd have to say it depends on the situation. I loved and lost(he wouldnt even consider it and stopped talking to me) and still wish it had never happened to this day, whereas the relationship i am in right now, i would never want to forget it no matter how it ends.

  3. tablet

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    IF experience is a good thing, then YES. It's better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all.
  4. Fiorina 161

    Fiorina 161 Member

    ya well..

    after 3 wives, who were smarter than me,
    it was better to have loved and lost,
    will always love them, but you do learn, witch is
    hard, without time with someone, you never find
    yourself, and if you can't find yourself how can you
    be anything for the people that you will love. yes,
    all were long-term rel. i have found , that you really
    aren't anything intell the person in your life help
    you grow.
  5. tablet

    tablet Premium Member

    Love is chemical reaction. There's no other way to explain it. But what if you have a beautiful mind and look at it differently?

    The way I see it is this: We're all borned with the heart of another person (this is not reality of course, it's fantasy). Our mission is to find that person and to return their heart - the one that is living inside of us it is what kept us alive and breathing. You will know the owner of your heart when you see it. The heart will speak out. It will consume you and you will not be yourself because the heart is taking over you. You might have trouble speaking and you might act a certain way. Remember, it's not you... it's the heart. The heart missed its owner since the day you're borned.

    IF both person get together and they both have each other heart, then you have a perfect match. IF both gets together and only one of them have the heart of another person... then it's an unperfect match. Thus you will have loved and lost

    You are alive because someone in this world have your heart. Someone in this world is alive because you have their.
  6. JcMinJapan

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    Ok, I was going to reserve myself, but here it goes.... Tablet has unleashed the animal..... For all the romantics, do not read below.. love spoilers below: :yes::yes::yes:
    PS: I warned you! :) For the non faint of heart... Highlight below. :D

  7. tablet

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    Lip stick lip sick. Why do women wear it?
  8. JcMinJapan

    JcMinJapan Premium Member

    Important Update! Just in:

  9. helenheaven

    helenheaven Premium Member

    apparently that is the origin of lipstick.....when women are attracted blood rushes to their lips...making their lips fuller and redder.....
  10. JcMinJapan

    JcMinJapan Premium Member

    Liptsick! You have unleashed the monster today.. Lipstick Broken down!

    Taken from NZ Girl

    Lipsticks first appeared in the ancient city of Ur, near Babylon, 5000 years ago. It is said Cleopatra's lipsticks were made from finely crushed carmine beetles which made a deep red pigment. This was then mixed with ant's eggs as a base for the lipsticks. Yummy.

    During the Middle Ages: Lipsticks were a blend of cochineal and beeswax, and occasionally a stain made from dark red plant dyes.

    But after the French revolution the extravagance of make up was considered brazen and uncouth, and didn’t really hit a revival until the 1800s. By then, the use of any form of blusher, powder and lipstick had virtually disappeared in Europe and was allowed only on the stage. It was thought that any woman that put lipstick or blusher on was trying to capture a lost youth, and was considered a fake.

    Did you know..... ?
    The Food and Drug Administration recently told cosmetics makers to stop using the brains and spinal cord tissue from older cows in products like lipstick and hair spray in order to try to prevent the spread of mad cow disease to humans. Ready for the bad news? These same icky ingredients are “OK” if they come from cows younger than 30 months of age.

    Cosmetics companies use animal ingredients such as tissue and tallow (fat) because they’re cheap, not because they’re better than plant-based or synthetic ingredients. Slaughterhouses kill billions of animals every year and have to dispose of the “byproducts” somehow; selling them to cosmetics manufacturers is one easy solution.

    Unfortunately, even avid label-readers can’t always determine what they’re putting on—and in—their bodies. There are thousands of technical and patented names for ingredient variations, and many ingredients known by one name can be of animal, vegetable, or synthetic origin. And if that’s not confusing enough, some companies have slyly removed the word “animal” from their labels in order to avoid turning off consumers. For example, instead of saying “hydrolyzed animal protein,” companies may use a term like “hydrolyzed collagen.”

    Taken from the caring consumer

    Make you guys wonder next time you kiss a girl eh? ha ha ha
  11. tablet

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    Void (offtopic)

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  12. JcMinJapan

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    hmmm... hmmm....

    Sometime is looks sooo good..

    Most of the time, I do not like it though...But, not every situation... he he he
  13. amantine

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    In Dutch, there is a difference between liefde and verliefdheid. The first word means love and the second word has no real English equivalent, which is why the dictionaries usually translate it as the state of someone that has just fallen in love or the the state of being in love.

    Someone starts out in verliefdheid and it can turn in love over time, usually only if the other person is also willing. So, verliefdheid and love differ in their seriousness and in that one follows the other in time. But I think that there is one more important difference: verliefdheid is a choice. You will probably disagree with this, but this is how I've always experienced it.
  14. helenheaven

    helenheaven Premium Member

    I think I can understand that and there is no english equivalant.

    I can love people (my parents, my children) but I am not in love with them

    The chemical that JCM was referring to must strike a chord in a lot of readers...we would have all experienced that...and that NEVER stops..whether you are in a loving and stable relationship or not..everyone occasionally feels that "dropping into love" sensation....personally I feel it is recommended...
  15. pineappleupsidedown

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    But if it is only supposed to last 7 years, why do people stay married? I think that Phenylethylamine would cause infatuation, but true love seems like it lasts a lot longer than that.

  16. junior_smith

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    umm . . . better to love. . . no, better to have never loved . . . then again, better to love. . . actually, i have no idea, it depends upon the person.
  17. tablet

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    Why live two incomplete life when you can live one that is fully complete? Are we selfish for deciding that we want to live a complete life?

    Attachment, Attachment..

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  18. JcMinJapan

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    Got a question.... Who remembers their first love?

    I still remember mine..... I am 34 now, but still remember her very well! her name was Claire House and I still know exactly what she looked like. I was probably only about 8 years old at the time. I do not really remember the rest until about high school, but for some reason it feels like I saw her yesterday! Kind of interesting on how ones memory decides to remember certain things.
  19. oddtodd

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    Isn't it ironk that one of the pleasur chemicals in our brains is called DOPAMINE ? should be called Guy-a-mine . A quote from a John Hyatt song : " I'm just so easily led when ......."

    This may need some mod intervention .... until then , all can reply to my thought....

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  20. tablet

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    Crazy, would you want to erase that off your memory?

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