Archaeology List of Ologies related to Archeology

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    archaeology -- past culture of humans
    cryptology -- codes
    cryptozoology - study of hidden animals
    epistemology- study of knowledge
    eschatology -- death,judgement, afterlife
    ethnobiology -- life about certain people
    ethnology -- cultural heritage
    etiology -- causes and reasons
    etymology -- origin of words
    gerontology -- ageing
    graphology -- handwriting
    ideology -- ideas
    musicology -- music
    osteology -- bones
    paleoanthropology -- ancient human-like creatures paleobiology -- ancient life
    paleontology -- ancient life, studied through fossils paleozoology -- ancient animals
    philology -- historical language
    physical anthropology -- human characteristics
    storiology -- stories and legends
    topology -- characteristics and history of a place

    Some of these may not sound related, but they are in fact cause of historical characteristics that shape the foundation for how life lived by the other related studies.