Human Biology Link to Pigs Edges Birdflu Closer to Pandemic

Discussion in 'Human Biology' started by Bleys, Feb 3, 2005.

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    Ya know I've never had much faith in the Chinese government to notify WHO or any other organization of signs of an impending pandemic. It looks like those fears are warranted.

    Even though we are aware that a pandemic is long overdue - one signficant piece of the pandemic puzzle had not yet materialized. That has all changed. With China now confirming that avian influenza has been found in pigs - it is only a matter of time.

    It is beyond negligent for China to have known that the virus had been found in pigs since 2003, yet continued to deny that link until today. It also puts their assertions that no human to human transmission in doubt - if they were lying about the pigs they probably are about this as well.

    Asia Free Radio


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    yeah my mom told me about this in october and i was waiting to hear more about it, then i hear that a horrible flu is sweeping through Rome, is this the same flu?
  3. Bleys

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    The flu that is making the rounds worldwide right now I believe is H3N2 while the one they are monitoring in the story is H5N1. Every year we get a new strain that makes up our flu season, but the complication/death rate is very low usually only affecting those who are immuno compromised, very old or very young.

    As long as the avian flu stays in the bird population there is little chance of pandemic simply because transmission must come from direct contact. Most of the stories we have been getting from the pacific rim about humans getting the avian flu specifically note that the person came into direct contact with birds. It's when we start seeing cases of avian flu in humans in which there is no direct bird to human transmission that scientists start to worry. Has it changed and become infectious human to human?

    How do pigs figure into this equation? If a pig contracts both the avian and human flu virus - the two strains can interact and become human transmissible. Because pigs are testing positive for avian flu - WHO, the UN, etc. need to increase monitoring and testing in China and Vietnam.

    We are overdue for a pandemic and still very unprepared.

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    I read in the paper 2 days ago a story from Asia where they suspect almost certainly a death was direct human to human contact as the family member who died had no direct contact with birds but did have contact with her mother or aunt who had contracted the disease.

    Will look for a news link.
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    There's a really good article about the avian flu in this month's Discover magazine. The stats on it are definitely scary, and it's very significant that it's jumping from birds to mammals-it's not easy to do and that plasticity could make it extremely hard to eradicate.
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    i thought the one death attributed to avian flu
    in humans was because of drinking duck blood?

    I had a week of tummy upset, low fever, and achy muscles last week- i wonder what that bug was called.... other than STOMACH FLU :(

    Also, i heard that the Aussies had a vaccine for the bird flu, and didn't have enough yet to distribute to Indonesia - yet....