Technology lifter chat (formerly recipie for disaster)

Discussion in 'Technology' started by oddtodd, Nov 15, 2004.

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    My dad made a "free energy" device, and I thought for a few seconds that I would instruct you how to build it since you have basically all it takes too make it.:yes: I, obviously, thought better of it. Anyway, I'm not sure how a rail gun works, could you deny my ignorance?
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    I'm running behind , sorry . Going to try and give a better description and some specs to the items when I post pics . A weekend project for sure .

    Waxy , have your dad save the world with his FE device , no sense waiting til last moment ! (u2u m2 the specs !)

    Rail gun : basically discharging a capacitor into a positive and negative length of metal to accelerate a metal object...
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    Hey OT check out the research forum. Lets build a lifter.
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    I've read about them ! Seems the high voltage power supply might be an ex$pen$ive part , but maybe a couple transformers from some busted neon lights would do * looks for rocks and offensive flittering sign* Other than that , this is totaly doable (is that a generation X word? doable ..dooable the dewable..)

    I am stil waiting for Waxys FE specs .

    I want to make something that spins , gathers up charge , and then goes ZAP !!!! ( or KAPOW !!!! , BUT DEFFINITELY NOT FIZZZZZZLLLLEEEE BOOOM ! ) I think I have enough widgets , more to come this weekend , Payday today !!!!
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    Sorry, Odd. My dad can't introduce it to society. It is very low tech and anyone who has seen it could build it themselves. Not to mention my dad doesn't really like it if I talk about it in public, especially on the net. Well technically, its not a free energy machine. All its doing is harnessing an energy that no one had thought of harnessing this way before. Thats all I can say, without getting into that much detail.
    P.S. I always wanted too build a lifter, and the power supply was always the problem. Before I gave up[trying too get my dad to get a power supply], I almost talked him into letting me build a Tesla Coil.:D
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    Hey, maybe you should build a Tesla Coil. I've seen pictures of thouse things in action, and they throw REALLY LONG "sparks". It would also double as a power supply for the lifter.
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    I think that would be cool ! , I have to read more about high voltage before I would plug anything in , but in one of Zsandmans links on the lifter there was a pic of something like a Tesla coil for a power supply .

    I also have a book called "Homemade Lightning" that shows how to build whimhust machines , Tesla coils , and VandeGraff generators ... will put it on the nightstand right now.

    I ran the idea of a solar powered capacitor past Z for a power supply for a lifter that could be lifted as well , but it would probably still be too heavy . The bigest payload I saw in the links was 100 grams ...
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    Yep. Lifters can't lift very much yet. I still think they have quiet alot of potential. Here's a very good site on Tesla Coils I found: http// .
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    Hummm. Why won't it post the link? Oh, well, just type that into your address box and you shoud go there.
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    You all should consider microwave energy to power you craft- it has many applications and is not too hard to build and implement.