Lit & The Arts Let's Write . . . A Haiku

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    Let\'s Write . . . A Haiku

    After the great poems by Icewolf, and some by tablet, i thought it would be a good idea to take a look at different types of poetry and literature, sort of a 'A closer look' at poetry.

    So, heres the template:
    a definition of the type of writing
    an example
    a poem written by the topic writer
    then everyone elose joins in with their poems

    here goes,

    (plural: Haiku, from archaic Japanese Haikai): A poetic form derived from Japanese literature. The haiku traditionally consists of three lines. The first line contains five syllables, the second line contains seven, and the last line five. The traditional subject-matter is a description of a location, natural phenomona, or wildlife, which is described in a poetic manner without authorial commentary or moral judgment explicitly stated. More information will be forthcoming.

    As the wind does blow

    Across the trees, I see the

    Buds blooming in May

    and here's mine:
    The sun reflects us
    we are born from space then with
    age we glow and die
  2. Icewolf

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    This is new for me and I still see my writing style popping up I hope this follows the rules.

    Darkness surrounds all
    From high do we all freely
    Pass through our old age
  3. oddtodd

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    An open mind sees :

    The energy that makes all ,

    Binding us as one .
  4. tablet

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    I don't know anything about poem. :lol: But I like words.
  5. kiwirobin

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    my experience
    it is only of the mind
    fleeting illusions