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Discussion in 'Metaphysics' started by 1Reshin2, Feb 28, 2005.

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    Hey I know this might not be a very bright idea of me to say, but:
    I asked a friend "Why do I have two personalities, one knows everything, and the other learns it all?" Well I know that we don't know everything, but still I do get the feeling that I know alot more than I realise. It bothers me and I tend to feel that my soul knows more than it should. His answer was "Well you lived like 2000 years now." I normally don't believe that anyone's soul comes back to life, yet why is it that I like stuff from 17th and 18th centuries. I know stuff about stuff I don't even remember learning. Like in "Big O" where Roger Smith is questioned constantly that why can he pilot a huge complicated machinery. How do I know how to please a woman that I made out with for the first time of my life, how can I turn on women? Those tend to be the questions I go through, I'm a virgin, yet the only people that know that I had to tell them that, and most I've met don't believe that. How is that possible for me to know something before I learned about it?
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    You know I thought on that too just alittle different. Like my normal state of mind I know what I know but subconsciously my mind remebers everything I've ever heard in my life like it remebers everything I've ever experienced. Like I once had this dream and I was talking to a man, he was a genius anything I asked he knew and then I started to relize it looked like an older me! When I woke I knew I didn't know any of the things we talked about but It was my dream right I had to of known. I don't know but it was strange.
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    by the way love Big O
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    I get that quite often, I just recently quit gettin them. Their also all out, the reason I decided to ask, is i felt like theres time I'm gonna die some tragic way, yet I didn't. After the experience I feel like I'm starting a new life, and its like I'm out living myself, its not just turning on girls though, also how do I know how to fight, get out of dangers? I'll be in danger, I would know it just before it happens then when it does, I know what to do.
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    Your dreams tells you exactly how you feel about Yourself and Others. Dream don't lie.

    IF in your dream you cry or feel sorry for someone, that's how you truly feel in reality. Isn't it strange that in reality when we are awake and conscious we feel the opposite like "I don't like you." or "This is not how I feel."

    Perhaps when we're awake we're under external influences? Whereas in dream we have no external influences. In the past I solved most of my puzzle in dreams. For example, the other day I had a dream about Blacklabyrinth and in this dream a woman spoke to me about the Pyramid that spin. She told me that the Blacklabyrinth disc image is a pyramid and within this pyramid is YET another pyramid and this pyramid spin (the one inside the big one).

    There are two things I can do with this dream.

    1: Ignore it (which most of us will)
    2: Pay attention to it (which some of us will)

    Most likely I will go with (1) but I thought about it and it seems to have some truth to it so I will take it into account while searching for the BL truth. Dreams speaks to us metaphorically, when the woman said the pyramid spin she might means something else...

    The question is, why haven't I thought about it (what the woman told me) when I'm awake, why in my dream? And if I had thought about it while awake, will I still have the dream? Likely not...

    Is it said that your subconscious mind knows what you're going to do before you even know it. Your subconcious mind knows and remember everything you encountered. From the day you first borned till now, however your conscious mind doesn't remember all that... but what if we oneday find a way to communicate to our subconscious mind through dream and go back in time and observe our childhood? Our first walk, our first laugh.
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    1: I knew all that about dreams
    2: I don't want to see my past, Especially from when I came out of my mother.
    3: I would suggest to study about that dream, I see there is a lesson to be learned in that one.
    Also my question isn't on the dreams i get i get flash backs like my own memories only of before i was born like 1700s, 1800s, 1940s, 1950s, and so on of time, yet it was of more than one person alive at a time, not to mention, some of them match to my parent's stories of my grandparents.