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    IgDenied is a spawn of ATS, of course. ATS is conspiracy/paranormal/supernatural oriented, but, as its motto implies, urges investigation. This site is non-conspiracy/normal/natural oriented no? Hence the arrangment and titles of the various forums right? Whereas ATS has 'Cryptozoology' where people post about chupacrabra and nessie, this one has 'Zoology' where people can discuss known organisms and the like. In ATS, its 'Ancient Civilizations' and usually people are talking about Nuclear Powered Ancient Indian Flying Machines and Atlantis, but here there is an "Archaeology' forum, where people can discuss the Sumerians and Egyptians.
    Right? I mean, thats the general overall idea right?

    Why did the ATS owners want to create this tho? I know its a 'reward' for 'finding the rings' to an extent, but I am curious if they established this theme, and if so why, since they are obviously intetrested in teh paranormal aspects (that being the subject they set up in the first place anyway). Has there been a change in their perceptions? Have they seen a little too much lunacy or whatever you want to call it on ATS and would like to try this out?
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    Actually we had free conceptual design. The captains decided the fact based site would best complement ATS.
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    Right, We had full control on the site and its contents. The only thing we were given was the banner, the basic site with one forum called ignorance denied and the letter from 0. That is all there was. The rest was up to us to put together. ATS is a wonderfuly site, but when serious topics came up, we found it hard to be able to get serious answers without having to sift through the evil NWO in everything that came up. No, I still go to ATS alot as I love it there, but this site gives my sanity back... ha ha Here, there should not be too many arguments and people can ask and learn in a very light atmosphere. This is what we all envisioned from the results of the Rings game. We all worked together very nicley there. Everyone shared, we had chatrooms, we had websites, we all learned from each other. That type of COMMUNITY feeling is what we canted to bring here. Personally, I think we did it. :)
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    There has been a jaw-dropping amount of progress from when this site finally became (not part of the game but part of the reward) until now. I never noticed the direct corolation between the exact threads until i read this however. Was that planned?

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    the reason i have grown so attached to Id is for that very reason, if you try to bring up ancient architecture on ATS you get stuff like the water sphere buildings of atlantis, here it is more based on fact.