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    kiwi\'s skiing problem

    Yeah it always happens to me....

    Kiwirobin is on holiday enjoying an xtreme skiing and kebab hunting holiday. after a busy day Kiwi is returning to his hotel and using the ski lift. Half way up, the ski lift suddenly breaks down leaving Kiwi and several other passengers stranded. Kiwi notices that the empty chair that has stopped opposite him on the lift was marked with the number 81. Kiwi's chair was number 9. How many ski chairs did the ski lift contain all together, considering that all numbers are consecutive?

    Yeah ya gotta think of something while hangin' around.
    The answer when I return in a week.
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    Break a leg Kiwi OMG SO SORRY that's for the big screen isn't it? Ok Ok I got it.........I mean........Ski On, You go!

  3. ok, so Kiwi is stopped in the middle, and he is across from 81 and sitting on 9.
    81 minus 9 is 72, so that means there are 72 chairs between kiwi's chair and chair 81.
    add 72, for half of the chairs to itself (for the other half) and you get 144 chairs. Now you have to add kiwi's chair and chair #81 back into the equation. so you get 146 chairs.

    So that is my answer
    146 Chairs total!!
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    well that depends, is kiwi actually half way or not? maybe 1/5th, 1/4th up or down...hate to be technical but can you actually measure half way when you are not sure exactly
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    There are 18 chairs. Since Kiwi is opposite the chair 18 appears as 81 on the side the passenger wouldn't be looking at the number to board/ get off.
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    9 chairs right?
  7. DucKid

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    Somebody answer me! 9 chairs, right?!
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    I could tell you that you were right but I really wouldn't know. Kiwirobin went skiing and never came back and worse yet, he didn't leave anyone with the answer.

    anyone know the answer to this?

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    i think sarah was right,kiwi stopped "half way up".