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Discussion in 'Physical Science' started by oddtodd, Dec 30, 2004.

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    just wanted to try and combine some topics (except for that damned philosopy section ;) ) and try to recruit some help assembling the little gizmos I have into a moving electronic object of some sort that we can all participate in .

    I need participation in the following areas :

    * good ideas with what could be done with the ingredients I have (once I give a detailed list of them )

    * a research and post about the physics behind the individual items , history of discovery , technical info and such .

    To start with :

    I was hoping if anyone was interested that they could help to give a short lesson in thier own words with links to references of the individual items (instead of just links) .

    Then when all are equally informed , to start throwing ideas around and see what we can cook up !

    * Disclaimer : no ideas for explosive devices will be considered ( and I will tell on you !) , some dry cell batteries may be harmed in the assembly of any potential project ( no PETB comments please) . I will hold no one responsible for any damage that may be caused to my landlords house(including myself) .

    So if anyone is interested in sharing thier knowledge on the ingredients and help to inform others , please drop a line !

    Looking to recruit the likes of : Waxy , Zsand , Mizar , That Russian kid and bode----->Check out his Science site : give you some things to think about...

    Topics and items to be described : piezoelectric effect /piezoelectric disks , Capacitors / farads /coulubs , Selenoids/electromagnets , Motors(wound,permanent magnet) , dry cell batteries , Magnatism / rare earth magnets and electromagnets , OHMS Law , and much more .

    I just realized I have to shut the computer down to install a couple usb ports , but I will post links to pictures of the items for reference as soon as I hit " post new topic"

    The items are (ofcourse) : wire , piezoelectric discs , rare earth magnets , selenoids , capacitors , hobby motors , batteries , bike wheels , metal chains , steel bands , sealed bearings from rollerblades and bmx wheels , axels , more wire , individual peices of quartz .

    All sorts of shapes and sizes of most items......

    shoot some feedback to this post and since I typed it out for all to see , we can hope this is an acceptable proposal for the science fair and physics section .

    Just an excitable boy , sorry to the mods if i jumped the gun !

    Stay tuned !!:up:
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    I would be up for the cahllenge DLM even if i didnt make your short list, grr!

    and about the explosives, [poo]!

    I have been very interested in kinteic art, is that the thing where they do the outline of your hand or something, and the bigger the outline the healthier you are or something like that? or is that something diff?
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    It's oddtodd , not dreamlandmafia bud !~ I can see how you would get us mixed up tho' .

    Sorry , I totally spaced you ! , all are welcome , just invited the science nerds that came to mind ! I have taken pictures and will post some links to photoshack so people can see what I'm talking about .

    Kinetic art means "moving art " , and it doesent have to be art , something that spins , swings or whatever....

    Doesn't look like this needs to be a research project , but I want to inform people about what the stuff is , and how it works in a bunch of little lessons and at the same time try to whip up some type of moving object .

    U2u me if you are interested , and we can hash out some details/tasks ( anyone !)

    will post some pics in about 1/2 an hour .

    Thanks !
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    Ingredients : things that need a tech description , I will add updates and descriptions to this post box to keep them all together .

    Piezoelectric disks and small selenoids :

    tutorial piezoelectric : Piezoelectrics is the ability of a crystal to give off electrons under a physical strain or pressure . With the addition of electricity , a crystal will change shape as it absorbs power . Einstien was actually given the nobel prize for his description of "quanta" in regards to this effect , not the theory of realativity !!

    There is something behind "crystal energy"! whenever your holistic friends tells you that crystals are theraputic and you feel like calling them crackpots , remember that they are one of natures storage matrixs' of power . Whether it is theraputic or not , I cannot say but they do have energetic properties /.

    A crystal radio uses pressure applied to sheets of crystal to home in on a certain absorbtion frequency .

    Hand tuned Radios still have a small stack of "mica" like wafers in them that are compressed or released to absorb these frequencies .

    tutorial link to follow...

    tutorial selenoids : Just like the starter motor in an automobile , a selenoid is an electromagnetical device that pulls a metalic core into its center . They are easy to build (just a coil of wire , a nail and a battery will do the trick) and are useful electromechanical devices .

    tutorial link to follow

    Capacitors : description to follow

    tutorial link : Capacitors Tutorial, Dean Huster, Tony van Roon VA3AVR
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    I don't kinow how but this is not the first time i have gotten you too confuzed, so for that i apologize, hehehe, it was the picture by the way, i thought it was dlm's pic
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    just a bump , trying to recruit some help to cut down on research time , and get to building a gizmo of some sorts...drop a line anyone !
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