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Discussion in 'Sociology' started by tablet, Feb 5, 2005.

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    Killology Research Group
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    Great stuff tablet!!!!

    An alternative point of view:

    Do media or video images have a causal relationship to violence or is it simply incidental?

    I've given this alot of thought over the years - especially since my husband and I were the first generation to grow up with video games and graphic media images. We are relatively normal people who have no desire to harm others - why are we and the vast majority of people not affected?

    IMO there has to be a vital X factor - a predisposition for violence to begin with. Although Dr. Jenkins, a professor from MIT notes several factors in his research, I believe it does come down to the individual and their own psyche - whether that be a persecution complex, an inability to discern between fantasy and reality or a lack of empathy. In each case, media imagery or video game violence can act as a catalyst for violence, but not the cause. Violence in the US for example has actually been on the decrease for close to 30 years now. If video and media made people violent we should have seen a marked increase, especially in the 1990s. I believe we are talking about a very small and statistically insignificant part of the population that has been the focus of unprecedented media attention. The vast majority of people utilize these forms of information and entertainment without suffering any ill effects or violent tendencies.

    Just my 2 cents,
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    :hail::hail::hail: tablet
    Amazing post!!!

    :hail::hail: Bleys
    Amazing reply!!

    What can I add to this?
    I challange anyone to dispute this FACT.
    I've already added this tone to some of my replies to posts, it's my biggest saddness.
    You ARE what you've learnt, infact; everything of the mind, is learnt.
    From in the womb we already have voices that impress on our reality.
    Our alienation a constant presence imposed on our conciousness, masking our unimpressionability.

    Krisnamurti said it beautifully...

    The self at whatever level it is placed, is still of the mind.
    whatever the mind can think about is still of the mind.
    The self at any level is the known, it cannot think of the unknown.
    The movements of the self are revealed in the action of relationship, and when realationship is not confined within a pattern, it gives an oppertunity for self-revilation.

    I use the following example quite often for myself, already used it twice here on other posts but please allow me to use it again.
    Give me two children, I'll raise one to fear and hate something and the other to love it and die protecting it.

    To save humanity we must teach the children well.


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    Well family has a big role on the behavior of children, as a mother of a 18 and 21, I have to said that I brought up my children watching anything they wanted on TV, and for video games my son played them all and still does.

    About behavior well none of my children are delinquent or promiscuous, and both of them are in college.

    So what is my secret of success? parenting I always made my children understand that TV was make believe and so games.

    I never hid the facts with pretty stories and I always told them the truth not matter how harsh it was.

    The more you hide from children the more they want to know and usually the learn in the streets and the wrong way.
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    My thought is "WHAT IS THE POINT" ? Why would anyone want their children to even view such stuff? Killing? Stealth? Maiming? I can't imagine a couple giving life to their beautiful little baby, watch it coo and giggle, learn to walk and talk, sing and dance, begin school, and THEN allow their child to sit in front of murder and horror and call it fun just because some COMPANY markets it to the public like every kid must have it and if a parent doesn't get it for their kid, the parent must be neglectful. Nope I don't get it.
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    I have quite strong feelings on this

    I do not believe violent video games or movies nor songs leads to an abhorrent behaviour in children, there is no one factor that leads children to be deviants...

    Kids use to play cowboys and Indians / cops and robbers...did that induce children to shoot police or Indians ? or anyone ?

    We had Elvis Presley corrupting a whole generation of kids, then Marilyn Manson ?

    What was the bad influence foistered on Bonnie & Clyde ? too much Pac Man ? Did Ted Bundy with all his education and connections fall from watching the Exorcist ?

    I will expand on this theme, but truly, blaming the media as a major contributing factor towards anyone's deviances is ignoring the reality on how and why these people behave they way they do.

    Interestingly enough the NZ chief censor of games and movies, Bill Hastings, was once upon a time my tort law tutor. Hmmm. Also interestingly, he is Canadian, we never saw eye to eye!
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    Here's a very short clip I want you all to see. <--- download it and change the extension to WMV. Right-Click and Save Target As. A box will appears, type in mad.wmv OR you can change the extension manually once you downloaded. Maybe JC can make this easier by uploading it to his bunny site? It's about 500K!

    I'll voice my thought later. For now let's us read.
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    Thanks for the great discussion. I appreciate the ignorance denied.

    I will have to agree with Bleys and the theory of media violence is only a catalyst.

    What we learn- we can unlearn, it only takes 3 weeks to break a bad habit- but it does take concerted effort.

    Media violence coupled with the media of social mores can make a huge impact on behavior- Look at the recent general's statement of 'shooting people is just plain fun' (taken out of context) or look at history- I hate to say it but HITLER- or look at the Christian nation that created the CRUSADES.

    Parents have a lot less influence today than they did in the days of Bonnie and Clyde and Elvis. But kids today are pretty savvy also about how to question their sources than in the 50's also. It's the unstable homes that we probably need to worry about-
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    Well, we can't really unlearn something we can only replace it with something better. But which is better? AND IF it's true that we can unlearn, then a teen can unlearn what his parents taught him and go with the media and vice-versa. What caused the switch?

    EDIT: I don't want to make another reply so I post it here:

    My thought is "WHAT IS THE POINT" ? Why would anyone want their children to even view such stuff? Killing? Stealth?
    IF use correctly it have amazing result. Sometime parents can't give their children strength that they turn to comics and media violent. Here's an example:

    The media has as much power as the parents. In some case it has more power and in other, less. We talked about Learn and Unlearn, well here's an example of a boy who unlearned what his parents taught him and make the switch after he's exposed to Marvel Comics. The Incredible Hulk. Reading that I noticed that the boy have a built-in belief system that "Violent is Bad" and he's aware of that fact and so he didn't take anything into his own hands. But what if no one taught him that Violent is bad and crude (What if his mother wasn't there telling him?)?
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    They key to this I feel is in the saturation of the particular information/stimmulation.
    Even eating too many apples can make you ill!!!
    The more exposiure to a certain stimulus the intenser the effect on the mind.
    And well done marg6043, you'r obviousley a great mother and provided the ballance to create healthy minds in you children.
    I play computor games with my daughter (5) together, no more that 30min at a time, she learns heaps from it. But I've seen kids at work that are 7-14 hours a day programing themselfs with negitive games, music and other media and there are many problems associated with them, for want of a better vrase 'negitife programming'.
    To heal these kids the time it takes is analogous to the time and intensity of their exposiour.

    Behaviour propigates through immitation and reinforcement.
    Complete saturation = brainwashing
    diversitite = learning

    In moderation and balanced with counter-stimulation the harmful effects of information can be avoided.

    Video Games and Aggressive Thoughts, Feelings, and Behavior in
    the Laboratory and in Life
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    But does this mean I have to stop BL???:cryb: